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Monday, April 05, 2010

Chaos theory, open borders and tribalist-supremacism: The Leftist and neocon war against a Western Civilization-based America

March on America
( -- By Western Youth --

Video of photos from March on America amnesty rally with voiceover by YWC founder and president Kevin DeAnna...LINK

March on America from Western Youth on Vimeo.


Chris Moore comments:

Always remember: Leftists and neocons HATE Western Civilization because it is based in traditional Christianity, which they consider to be "intolerant" and "anti-Semitic." This applies to supposed "conservative" Christian Zionists in the Dick Armey vein, cited in the video above as an enemy inside the gates of conservatism. It is no coincidence that Armey is a fanatical Christian Zionists, being led around by the nose by Jewish Zionist neocons, who themselves also favor open borders and are hostile to any conception of traditional Christian power in America (in favor of tribal Jewish and "Judeo-Christian" Zionist power). (Armey, as quoted by Walt and Mearsheimer in an article on the Israel lobby: "My No. 1 priority in foreign policy is to protect Israel.")

Why open borders? Again, because they hate traditional Western Civilization as "anti-Semitic", and are in bed with the Big Business/Big Government Wall St. axis that favors porous borders in order to keep the price of labor down, and corporatist revenue and government tax receipts up by way of ever expanding markets.

These people, who ensconce themselves in high rise glass and steel towers, insular suburban business campuses, and Big Government compounds, and who live within gated communities in wealthy townships with their own private security forces, couldn't care less about the quality of life or day to day struggle for survival of average Americans.

Money worshippers, government worshippers, neocon Zionists and open-borders leftists: enemies of peace, enemies of Christianity, enemies of Western Civilization, enemies of a sane America.

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