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Friday, April 30, 2010

Attack on Arizona epitomizes left-liberal/neocon war against last vestiges of Western civilization in America [updated]

Stand Up for Arizona
(The American Conservative) -- by Patrick J. Buchanan --

Major demonstrations are to be held in 70 cities on May 1 to protest the new Arizona law to cope with an army of half a million illegal aliens now living there.

Since Gov. Jan Brewer signed that law a week ago, Arizona has been subjected to savage attack as the modern embodiment of Jim Crow, apartheid and Nazism. Few have risen in her defense.

In San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., moves are afoot to boycott Arizona and cancel conventions to break the state, as it was broken when Arizona declined to set aside a holiday for Martin Luther King.

Republican leaders like Jeb Bush, Karl Rove and even the rising Marco Rubio of Florida have declared themselves “troubled” or “concerned” and washed their hands of Arizona, which suggests they have not read the law — or the party remains captive to country-club political correctness.

In a particularly offensive smear, Mexican President Felipe Calderon charged Arizona with opening the door “to intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement.”

And what was the reaction of the Great Apologist to this slander of an American state by the leader of a neighboring nation?

None. One wonders if Barack Obama will ever stand up to foreign leaders’ abusing the nation that awarded him its highest honor. Or has he been marinated since birth in the “Blame America First” mindset of the San Francisco Democrats who sneer at the real America?

As columnist Michelle Malkin writes, there is no shortage of ammunition our president could have used to fire back at the hypocrites of Mexico City.

For where Arizona has made it a misdemeanor to be in the country illegally, in Calderon’s country it is a felony that can get you years in prison. Where illegal aliens in America regularly protest under Mexican flags, no foreign resident of Mexico may demonstrate against the regime.

Where immigration is changing the ethnic balance of this country, in Mexico immigrants are not allowed in who could upset “the equilibrium of the national demographics.” Where Americans demand we treat illegal aliens firmly but fairly, Guatemalans caught in Mexico are often treated with a brutality bordering on sadism.

We really do not need any lectures on morality or human rights from Mexico. But what is the matter with our leader that he will not defend his country?

As for the supposedly neo-Nazi Arizona law, what does it really say and do?

First, it brings Arizona law into conformity with federal law. As it has long been a federal crime to be in the country illegally, it is now a crime in Arizona.

Second, just as U.S. law since 1940 has required legal aliens — immigrants and guest workers — to carry their green cards or work visas at all times, Arizona law now says the same thing...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Of course Leftists are going to blame America first, because they hate Christianity and Western Civilization in general, and white Christians in particular, and thus seek to keep it all on the defensive until ultimate demise. It's their version of the Samson Option or End Times, after which they seem to believe a brave new world of harmonious globalization will spontaneously arise, deluded little intellectual peons that they are.

But more disturbing is what passes for the Right in America today, which is supposed to the more clear thinking and mature of the two:

Bechanan: "Republican leaders like Jeb Bush, Karl Rove and even the rising Marco Rubio of Florida have declared themselves “troubled” or “concerned” and washed their hands of Arizona, which suggests they have not read the law — or the party remains captive to country-club political correctness."

Captive to that, to cheap-labor Corporatism, and to their own millenarian delusions revolving around Empire, neoconservatism and Zionism.

What passes for "leadership" in America today is nothing so much as a hoard of infantile elites who haven't a clue about what the hell they are doing, or what the hell is really going on in this country.

@ Majumder: "WHY does American government allow illegal immigration? Because, illegal immigration allows American government to expand itself by virtue of expanding healthcare, education, housing, and correctional system for the newcomers. Some would say, American taxpayers pay the bills for all those additional costs for healthcare, education, housing, and correctional system. In fact, American taxpayers do not foot the bills. Because, American government does not actually pay for any of those new additional costs. Costs just accrue in the form of budget deficits that are never paid off or will never be paid off to any creditor. American government will simply print more greenbacks and foreign governments will continue buying American government’s debts infinitely."

You get it mostly right. Except foreign governments, which only finance a percentage of the deficits, will NOT buy American debt infinitely, because they know the Fed will eventually have to massively INFLATE in order to pay off even a small percentage of total American debt, which means the debt they are holding will become largely worthless.

Also, by the Fed’s massive credit creation and printing of dollars, Americans DO pay for all those programs in the form of inflation, and will pay through the nose for all the spending when the Fed starts to inflate massively.

Do you think the dollar is going to remain the world's reserve currency forever? Think again. Already the G20 and the International bankers are laying plans to replace the dollar as world reserve currency with the SDR.

So because these buffoons in Washington have been so grossly irresponsible in their spending and negligent in their management of the country and its foreign policy, the world is going to dump the dollar and leave untold generations of Americans saddled with massive debt and worthless monopoly money, Weimar style.

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