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Friday, April 23, 2010

Controlled opposition getting nervous: Statist Bushcon/neocon Rove bitterly laments Ron Paul "taking over" Tea Party movement (which Paul originated)

The Establishment’s Nervous Mutterings on Ron Paul
( -- By Jurriaan Maessen --

One obvious sign that the establishment’s sweat is starting to break is arch-warmonger Karl Rove’s recent mentioning of Ron Paul in connection to the Tea Party. Where in the past neocons and establishment liberals alike arrogantly dismissed Paul, now they seem nervous in the face of liberty rising.

Rove appeared yesterday on Fox News attempting to describe the Tea Party. In answer to the question, of what people the Tea Party consists, Rove stated:

“I’ll tell you who they are: you got a group of libertarians, who sort of, campaign for liberty, Ron Paulites, who say: let’s take over this movement.”

Watch the clip:

This is unmistakable and deliberate confusing of cause and effect. If someone has lit the fire of liberty prior to the rise of the current Tea Party, it’s Ron Paul. So the claim that Paul and the “Paulites” are attempting to “take over” the Tea Party movement, is beyond absurd...MORE...LINK

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