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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In context of Tea Partiers, establishment-Right Statist "conservative" Kathleen Parker declares anonymous internet journalism "sort of like terrorism"

Pulitzer Winning Columnist Weighs In
(You Tube) -- By CBSNewsOnline --



Chris Moore comments:

This just goes to show that the establishment-Right Statists simply can't be trusted to protect the U.S. Constitution, American sovereignty, the American economy (from leviathan Washington and its bankster cronies) or American freedom overall. They apparently view American defenders of all of these to be "terrorists."

There's an old saying that if two ideologies go far enough Right and far enough Left, the two end up uniting. Well, it appears that the Statist Right and the Statist Left have coalesced around American Empire, Big Government, unconditional support for racist Zionism, anti-Christianity, Big Business/Wall Street corporatism, open borders for cheap wages and growing markets, war profiteering, and the military-industrial complex.

Oh yea -- and the enslavement of Americans to all of this.

Pure evil.

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