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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gang rape, breast-slicing and heel-skinning: Violent, anti-white racism in South Africa also being engineered for U.S.?

Anti-White Violence in South Africa
(Occidental Observer Blog) -- By Kevin MacDonald --

A constant theme on this website is that Whites living in societies run by non-Whites are in physical danger. From the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution to contemporary Africa, the lesson is the same: Loss of political power means murder and mayhem directed against Whites by minorities with deep historical grudges.

Right now racial tensions are escalating in South Africa following the death of Eugene Terreblanche, leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB). The mainstream media in the US has generally failed to even mention the violence directed against Whites, but today’s LA Times in an exception. An earlier report in the Times stated that Terreblanche’s killing was merely a dispute about wages. But today’s story notes that “police also say the killers stripped and humiliated the 69-year-old in a way that suggested extreme racial hatred.”

White people are not merely being murdered, but they are being horribly and gruesomely tortured by people that can only be described as psychopaths:
Chris Van Zyl of the Transvaal Agricultural Union said in a phone interview that in one recent case, a man’s soles were stripped from his feet while alive. An elderly woman’s breasts were sliced off; another was gang-raped. Another was raped with a broken bottle.

The police and government have no statistics on farm killings. Van Zyl’s group has recorded 1,266 slayings and 2,070 attacks since 2001. Other groups say more than 3,000 farmers have been killed in the last 16 years.

Van Zyl said that 78 farmers were killed in 2008, 55 last year and 19 this year, and that nonfatal attacks had increased dramatically. Most victims were elderly people on isolated farms.
Julius Malema, the powerful youth leader of the African National Congress, has been at the center of the storm. Malema revived the “Shoot the Boer” song from the war against apartheid, and recently he “threw a white BBC journalist out of a news conference after calling him a ‘bloody agent’ and ‘bastard’ with a ‘white tendency.’”...MORE...LINK

Who’s Worse: Anti-Whites, or Race-Denying Confederate Sympathizers?
(By Christopher Dovovan) -- Occidental Observer Blog

It’s a question in my mind. It’s a well-established kabuki dance: anti-whites call conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Confederate sympathizers “racists” who are hiding their true feelings. The conservatives respond with indignation, insisting that “Southern heritage” and the free market are their real concerns.

In the New York Times this morning, Newsweek editor Jon Meacham denounces the Virginia governor’s declaration of Confederate heritage month. It’s a typical yawner about how bad Whites are, and I’m sure someone will complain that “we’re not racists, we just want to honor the South” or some such.

There is a third position, however: White advocacy. It admits the anti-White critique that Confederate flags mask more direct racial concerns, but rejects the anti-White conclusion that the concerns aren’t legitimate. Why can’t this position get a hearing in the New York Times? Believe me, I’ve tried. But the New York Times is like a thick, high gray wall, allowing only the perspectives that advance its anti-white agenda. Its gatekeepers are always liberal and often Jewish, and they probably know full well that if an institution as grand and respected as itself lends credence to White advocacy, the universe as they’ve constructed it would start to crumble...LINK

MacDonald: "From the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution to contemporary Africa, the lesson is the same: Loss of political power means murder and mayhem directed against Whites by minorities with deep historical grudges."

Chris Moore comments:

We all know these “deep historical grudges” are primarily cultivated and propagated by Jewish sociopaths whose entire cultural ethic and means of controlling their tribe is prescribed upon polarization. Even when they are treated with the highest honor and deepest respect, as they have been in America for decades by air-head Judeophile liberals and brain-dead Judeo-Christian Zionist dispensationalists, they will cultivate the most vile and festering of grudges in the psychology of both their adherents, and the useful idiots they seek to use, in order to perpetuate and manipulate both society and the tribe. This festering rage then convinces the tribe that all of its destructive pursuits (like its engineering of anti-white racism) is utterly justified; indeed, that it’s crucial to the tribe’s survival and even beneficial to humanity as a whole.

Because this engineered polarization is their systematic modus operandi, no matter how much they are given or how well they are treated by gentiles, they will find grudges to cultivate and harbor, even when they have to invent them out of thin air and then exaggerate the “offense” to murderous proportions.

There is literally no appeasing or even reasoning with this kind of psychoses-driven bad will. The best that can be accomplished is its extreme isolation, and containment...

We’ve seen this kind of behavior by the US Military Industrial and War Profiteering Complex, as well, particularly since it has entered into partnership with the Zionists. It works like this: The US gives unconditional military, financial and diplomatic aid to Israel; Israel blatantly attacks and murders Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims with that aid; Arabs and Muslims see the US/Israeli relationship and retaliate against America and American interests; the Complex and its “national security” politicians then point to those attacks as rationales for massive wars.

Once again, agitating Jewish ideologues are the linchpin of yet another malevolent and warmongering evil enterprise.

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