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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Corrupt, crusty old GOP fuddy-duddies Rumsfeld, Cheney met with sneers and jeers by Ron Paul libertarian youth movement at CPAC

Ron Paul Supporters Heckle Cheney, Rumsfeld at CPAC

( -- by Stephanie Condon --

WASHINGTON -- Most of those preparing for the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington this week anticipated a division over social issues, but the real conflict at the convention today erupted between young libertarians and supporters of the Bush administration.

The annual convention has attracted about 11,000 conservatives to the nation's capital, many of them young supporters of libertarian icon Ron Paul. They were ready this afternoon to show their opposition to the Bush administration when former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was presented with the conference's "Defenders of the Constitution" award.

Loud boos resounded through the convention hall as Rumsfeld's name was announced on stage. The numerous young attendees got up from their seats and filed out of the room in protest.

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The commotion only grew when former Vice President Dick Cheney surprised the audience by showing up to honor his longtime friend and White House colleague.

"America is stronger and more secure" because of Rumsfeld's service, Cheney said, prompting one person to loudly shout, "Where's bin Laden at!"

Some of the vice president's supporters shouted, "Shut up!" and started a loud chant of "USA, USA!"

The jeering continued, with some yelling "draft dodger!" at Cheney.

As he accepted his award, Rumsfeld articulated the neoconservative position that has angered libertarians as the United States continues to spend hundreds of billions a year on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan....MORE...LINK
Disgraced and decrepit: Dick "draft dodger" Cheney wipes the drool from his lip as Rumsfeld looks on in disgust

Heard Around the Web: Best commenter quip on CPAC, from POLITICO:
"Trump, Rummy, and Cheney to join Mubarak in Fuhrerbunker."

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