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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Don't scapegoat immigrants for the huge social and economic problems deliberately engineered by international elites pursuing a Globalist agenda

(By Chris Moore, -- Pat Buchanan recently wrote an interesting column documenting what he views as the beginning of the end of institutionalized multiculturalism in Europe, and how populist fear of Islam is the driving political force behind multiculturalism's demise. Buchanan says that elite European leaders are finally adjusting to this popular political reality, and wonders why politicians in the U.S. are lagging in their own opposition to multiculturalism.

Writes Buchanan:
Multiculturalism has “totally failed,” says German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“State multiculturalism has had disastrous results,” says Britain’s David Cameron.

Is multiculturalism a failure in France? “My answer is clearly yes, it is a failure,” says President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Ex-Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar has declared multiculturalism a failure in Spain, saying it divides and debilitates Western societies.

Only in Canada and the U.S., it seems, is the issue still in dispute.

Yet these European leaders are not leading anyone. They are far behind the people, and their belated appreciation of the idea of national identity is but a product of political panic.
So which parties and movements are on the vanguard of tapping into the new popular will of the native European majority and translating this into political power? Mostly anti-immigrant, anti-Islamic and ethnonational parties who mirror the anti-multicultural character of Islam itself, says Buchanan:

Among these are Jean-Marie Le Pen’s National Front in France, the British National Party, the Vlaams Belang in Belgium, Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party in Holland, the Swiss People’s Party of Christoph Blocher, which won the battle to ban the burka, the Austrian Freedom Party and Alliance for Austria’s Future, the Jobbik Party of Hungary, the Lega Nord in Italy, which favors secession, the Danish People’s Party, and the Sweden Democrats, who just won a toehold in parliament.

What these parties share is that all are anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and ethnonational. They want to retain, or restore, a nation of, by and for their own kind, with its own history, holidays, heroes, language, literature, music and art. They are fiercely resistant to any dilution of the ethnic composition or cultural character of their countries.

What is the menace of multiculturalism these people see?...Islam is a faith that is itself anti-multicultural.

Devout Muslims do not believe all religions are equal. They believe there is one God, Allah, and submission to his law is the path to paradise. They do not believe in freedom of speech and the press if it means mocking the Prophet. They do not believe in Western dress codes or mixing men and women in schools and sports. They do not believe all lifestyles are equal. Some think adulterers should be stoned and honor killings are justified for girls who disgrace the family.

They wish to live their faith and their culture in our countries, to live alongside us but to dwell apart.

I’m not too hot on massive Islamic immigration into Western civilization myself, just as I’m sure Islamic civilization isn't too happy about Western wars against Islam, and Western occupation of Islamic lands.

But remember, money hungry and power-mad Western opportunists and ideological Globalists and Zionists have done nearly everything in their power to shatter Islamic civilization and make it dysfunctional, unstable, and unlivable through intrigue and wars; and additionally through financing, supporting or enabling corrupt authoritarian secular dictators for decades on end like Egypt's Hosni Mubarak or Iraq's Saddam Hussein (until the latter allegedly went rogue and was falsely blamed for 9/11, which then became an excuse for yet another Western-instigated Mideast war).

Hence, if these deranged Western elements hadn’t done nearly everything in their own power to destroy Islamic civilization and drive its populations north and West, there wouldn’t be nearly the numbers of devoutly religous Muslims seeking economic opportunity, refuge, or stability in Western civilization that currently exist, and that are spurring nativist elements towards a backlash.

So let’s place the blame for the culture of dysfunction and plethora of disasters that have befallen both Western civilization and Islamic civilization where it belongs: at the feet of our own corrupt, self-serving, warmongering Western elites who are in bed with corrupt Mideast tyrants, and who have deliberately pursued an agenda of Mideast war and population transfer since the end of the Cold war.

But that raises an important question: what motivated these corrupt Western elites to embrace and impose multiculturalism and their "creative destruction" agenda of Globalism in the first place, and how truly committed are they to reforming their utterly pernicious ways?

At their core, socialism, Zionism, neo-conservatism and neoliberalism (which together all add up to the ideology of Globalism that is the original impetus behind State-instituted Western multiculturalism) are vast, elaborate and murderous swindles by international elites to hoodwink, manipulate and subjugate the masses. And statist-engineered and enforced multiculturalism was merely a Western trial-run tool for eventually manipulating minorities and majorities the world over, and for pitting races and religions against one another like dogs fighting over scraps in a long term global political strategy of divide and conquer.

These Globalists have no loyalty or affinity whatsoever for what they consider “quaint” and “unsophisticated” local or national culture, and at their core are primarily comprised of self-serving, atheist-materialist misanthropes and narcissists severely lacking in conscience and primarily driven by greed, power madness, and malice.

The Globalist agenda and One World government that these elites will unquestionably continue to pursue is merely an ongoing Ponzi scheme writ large, which becomes necessarily more polarizing, militant and totalitarian as their credibility dries up locally and nationally and they are forced to take the scheme to ever greater heights to keep the filthy lucre flowing into their own coffers.

As the long over-printed, Fed co-opted U.S. dollar dries up as the world reserve currency and can no longer be realistically backed at gunpoint and mass murder to finance this elitist-socialist swindle, their next move will likely be to try to switch to some global currency in the economic turmoil that follows the dollar's inevitable collapse, and then pick up where they left off.

Diverting the angry mob's gaze by scapegoating immigrants will no doubt buy them some time.

Remember, controlling the purse strings nationally and internationally is absolutely essential to their plans, which is why sabotaging constantly centralizing, top-down, vertically integrated Globalism and socialism by means of libertarian nationalism and sovereign localism is crucial to stopping their totalitarian agenda (and preventing an ultimate outcome that will resemble nothing so much as an Orwellian nightmare).

Let's not allow these corrupt, power-mad, internationalist elites off the hook by letting them scapegoat immigrants and Muslims for the multicultural messes they themselves have engineered, or for the massive financial, crony-capitalist, nation-bankrupting swindles their own government-connected central bankers have perpetrated.

Ignoring the root of the problem, and falling for their shill tactics is nothing but a recipe for further misery.

Instead, let's secure our own sovereignty and borders, and pursue populist, nationalist and decentralized, horizontally integrated policies that are the antithesis of the greedy, totalitarian, centralizing, pyramid scheme these bloodless, Globalist knaves have constructed.

Long time nationalist, pro-sovereignty, and secure borders protectionist Pat Buchanan should know better than to blame the vague abstraction of multiculturalism for what in reality is an elite-engineered, bureaucrat-implemented deliberate policy of population transfer formulated by a noxious and hostile elite serving its own bottom line.

Let's stop fighting the symptoms of this Globalist cabal's satanic designs, and instead target the disease of ideological secular totalitarianism, Globalism, Zionism, and epic pyramid-scheme swindle at the black heart of its motives.

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