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Friday, April 08, 2011

Background: Glenn Beck's increasing paleocon leanings led to fracture with neocon Fox News management and its anti-Constitution political agenda

Beck May Leave Fox News and Pursue Own Channel

(The New American) -- by Raven Clabough --

Speculation over the length of conservative pundit Glenn Beck’s tenure at Fox News has pervaded media circles and conservative blogs almost since the first days of his appearance on the news channel. As Beck’s contract is set to expire in December of this year, it appears more likely that Beck may leave Fox News and possibly start his own channel.

The New York Times writes:
Were Mr. Beck to set off on his own, it would be a landmark moment for the media industry, reflecting a shift in the balance of power between media institutions and the personal brands of people they employ.
Speculators point to reports that senior Fox News executive Joel Cheatwood will be joining Glenn Beck’s growing media company, Mercury Radio Arts. The company has recently added staff, increased its Web productions, and is now charging a monthly subscription for access to his shows.

While the possibility of a contract renewal with Fox News is certainly still present, tensions between the talk show host and the news station have escalated.

Much of the dissension stems from Beck’s movement away from neoconservatism and towards constitutional conservatism (sometimes called paleoconservatism).

Politico reports, “Beck’s behavior has increasingly drawn fire from conservatives concerned about his influence in their movement, while facing mounting speculation about the future of his Fox News television show.”...MORE...LINK

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