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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

French President Sarkozy's warmongering in North Africa turns Europe "black" with refugees, prompts him to now call for E.U. police state lock down

(By Chris Moore) -- The French, led by an ambitious, haughty and power mad President Nicolas Sarkozy and his pretentious svengali muse, French "intellectual" Bernard Henri-Levy, recently decided France was going to take the lead in the Libyan war.

Justin Raimondo on April 6th:
The Libyan war has the French, of all people, in the forefront, with President Nicolas Sarkozy’s smug, self-satisfied face mugging for the camera as French fighter jets scream in the skies over Tripoli. The French, who sat out the Iraq war with haughty disdain, are now even more eager than the Americans to get into the thick of it: Sarkozy, in trouble at home, is hoping to distract critics from France’s ever-worsening domestic economic woes and his own party’s diminishing electoral prospects, with a good old-fashioned dollop of Napoleonic tonic. France – once again thrusting into North Africa in search of its former imperial glory! It’s enough to make one nostalgic for the Ugly American.

If the insufferable Sarkozy isn’t enough to make you vow never to eat French fries again, then the man behind Sarkozy’s grandstanding, Bernard Henri-Lévy, the French “public intellectual” and renowned phony, will push you over the edge into outright Francophobia.
This French warmongering then prompted Libyan leader Muammar Gadaffi to make good on his threats to turn Europe "black" with African refugees.

The Telegraph:
Libya is unleashing a wave of migrants against Europe as retaliation for the coalition's military strikes against the country...

...Col. Muammar Gadaffi's regime is alleged to have been actively encouraging boatloads of migrants to leave the country's shores since March 22, when the first vessel sailed from Tajoura, a suburb of Tripoli.

Libyan armed forces and militias are reportedly turning a blind eye to the thousands of people, many of them sub-Saharan migrant workers who have lost their jobs, who assemble on beaches willing to pay several hundred pounds to be transported to Lampedusa.

The UN estimates that almost 450,000 foreigners have been uprooted by the fighting in Libya but only 218,000 have been able to return home.

Libya appears to be making good on threats issued at the start of the coalition's bombing campaign, when Moussa Ibrahim, the government spokesman, said the regime would no longer stop sub-Saharan and other refugees from trying to enter Europe by boat.

"There will be illegal immigration. It is a very lucrative business and the government had taken action against it, but it cannot any more. Libyans are involved, we are not stopping it."

Col. Gaddafi warned two years ago that he had the ability to turn Europe "black" unless the European Union agreed to pay his regime at least £4 billion a year to block the arrival of illegal immigrants.
Yet, after their own president's actions triggered such a predictable outcome, the French were unhappy with the flood of refugees showing up on their doorstep.

Again, from the Telegraph story:
The opening of immigration floodgates came as Italy announced that it would grant travel permits to more than 20,000 Tunisian refugees who have reached its southernmost islands in recent weeks.

The Italian government said the temporary permits would grant the refugees freedom of movement within the visa-free Schengen area, but in reality most want to head to France.

Paris reacted angrily to the move, with Claude Gueant, the interior minister, saying the country would not tolerate "a wave of immigration" and warning that migrants without appropriate identity documents and sufficient funds would be prevented from entering.

The Schengen zone excludes Britain and Ireland, but migrants could attempt to enter the UK illegally from the Continent.

The Tunisians are among nearly 26,000 migrants who have managed to reach the tiny island of Lampedusa, Italy's southernmost territory, since January, when president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was toppled by a popular revolt.
Today, the resulting social and political backlash to all of this hasn't prompted French or European leaders to reconsider their warmongering ways, but rather to put the European Union in lock down.

From today's Guardian:
France and Italy in call to close EU borders in wake of Arab protests; Sarkozy and Berlusconi want passport-free travel within the EU suspended as north African migrants flee north

France and Italy have thrown down the gauntlet over Europe's system of passport-free travel, saying a crisis of immigration sparked by the Arab spring was calling into question the borderless regime enjoyed by more than 400 million people in 25 countries.

Challenging one of the biggest achievements of European integration of recent decades, Nicolas Sarkozy and Silvio Berlusconi also launched a joint effort to stem immigration and demanded European deportation pacts with the countries of revolutionary north Africa to send new arrivals packing.

The French president and the Italian prime minister, at a summit in Rome, opted to pile the pressure on Brussels and the governments of the other 25 EU states, demanding an "in-depth revision" of European law regulating the passport-free travel that takes in almost all of the EU with the exception of Britain and Ireland.

Prompted by the influx to Italy of almost 30,000 immigrants, mainly from Tunisia, in recent months, the two leaders warned that the upheavals in north Africa "could swiftly become an out-and-out crisis capable of undermining the trust our fellow citizens place in the free circulation within the Schengen area".
So instead of considering the predictable negative social, political and humanitarian costs of their warmongering actions prior to blundering into Africa, these defective modern "leaders" instead call for increasing police state measures now necessary to correct the very messes their incompetence, egomania, and outright stupidity precipitated.

I wonder, was this the outcome they intended all along for purposes of growing the state (and their own power) and additionally, expressing their own warped insecurities and emotional and psychological shortcomings?

There is unquestionably something psychologically defective about these warmongering modern "leaders" and their pea-brained supporters, from Bush-Blair-Obama to Sarkozy-Berlusconi (not to mention their warlike "intellectual" ear-whispering advisers greasing the skids on all of this sickness). The lot of them seem congenitally unable to think-out even the most basic logical consequences of their own actions.

Arrested development? Moral retardation? Sociopathic narcissism?

They all seem to go hand-in-hand with modern "secular" statist-authoritarianism, which apparently attracts moral and intellectual defectives of every stripe, from warmongering statist-liberals to warlike Big Government conservatives.

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