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Friday, April 29, 2011

Bolshevik-neolib fusion as Leftist thugs threaten violence against anti-neocon, pro-Western civilization forum at Providence College

Richard Spencer Speaks at Providence College (Antifa Fail) from Western Youth on Vimeo.


Chris Moore comments:

The pathetic thing about these neo-Bolshevik thugs and knuckle-draggers (besides the fact that they can't string more than a few words together with throwing in a "fu**in" this and a "racist" that) is that their entire ideology is carrying water for neoconservatism/neoliberalism and Zionism, which are the most institutionally racist formulations around these days.

As Spencer demonstrates in this video, advocates of Western civilization aren't about Big Government and racist Big Wars; that's statist-Left and statist-Right territory. Indeed, if these neo-Bolshevik thugs were really interested in peace and stopping conflict, they'd be in the faces of Zionist Democrats, Republicans, neolibs and neocons.

But because they themselves are part of the thug spoils system, they go after the only groups that are ready, willing and able to put an end to this insane Bolshevik/Fascist Big Government Moloch that has mainstream politics in America totally triangulated: Christians, authentic conservatives, libertarians, and defenders of the Whites who have cultivated Christian and Western culture, and who refuse to get in bed with the Zionist and Globalist Machiavellians behind the relentless assault on both Western and Islamic civilization, and ultimately the entire world.

If there are any lefties out there truly interested in looking at the continuum between crypto-Zionist Bolshevism, leftism, open Zionism, and neoconservatism/neoliberalism, fortunately for you, I have already done some of the intellectual lifting, and all you have to do is click HERE and HERE for a primer.

But for those of you who want to stay in bed with the Zionists and neolibs/neocons (which is exactly where you are, whether you're bright enough to see it or not) well, just stay ignorant and programmed like good little comrades and keep right on doing what you're doing.


Dissident said...


Your site is a treasure trove of intelligence and commentary.

There aren't many that articulate pro-Western/Christan culture as effectively as you do on this site. Thanks for being a defender of truth. Thanks for standing up to the anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-western antagonists.

There's more common sense contained in this blog, than is contained in the entirety of Washington DC.

Chris Moore said...

Thanks Disssident,

it's truly insane how willfully blind and ignorant so much of the population has become.

It's more and more like a capitalist version of the Soviet Union every day...everyone knows the score, but no one knows a thing.

It's truly frightening the percentage of human beings happily willing to step into their assigned role as cattle and march themselves off to slaughter simply because "Everyone's doing it."

I keep thinking: The intellectual log jam has to break sooner or later...doesn't it?