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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ethno-tribal, multicultural future being engineered by leftists, liberals, Zionists and greedy White Republicans doesn't bode well for average Whites

White Dispossession and the Racialization of American Politics Accelerate

(The Occidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

Ron Brownstein’s aptly named “The Next America” is a tale of increasingly rapid White dispossession. Key quotes:
From every angle, the results showed that the nation’s transformation into a “majority-minority” nation is proceeding even faster than expected. Nationally, the overall share of the non-Hispanic white population dropped from 69.1 percent in 2000 to 63.7 in 2010, a greater decline than most analysts anticipated. In a mirror image, the minority population grew from 30.9 percent in 2000 to 36.3 percent in 2010.
Given that the White percentage includes Jews and Middle Eastern people who do not identify as White (or vote like most Whites), the White population of European descent is likely below 60%.
The change over the past decade was especially dramatic among young people. In the new census, 46.5 percent of people under 18 were minority, a dramatic jump from 39.1 percent in 2000. As recently as last summer, demographers projected that minorities would make up a majority of the under-18 population sometime after 2020. At the current rate of growth, however, nonwhites will comprise a majority of children in the United States by 2015. And because of the explosive minority growth in the youth population—the people who will form families and become parents in the coming years—the nonwhite share of the overall population is likely to grow even faster over the next decade, says Brookings Institution demographer William Frey.
If the minority share of the vote increases in 2012 by the same rate it has grown in presidential elections since 1992, it will rise to about 28 percent nationally. By itself, that could substantially alter the political playing field from 2010, when the minority vote share sagged to just 22 percent. It means that if Obama can maintain, or even come close to, the four-fifths share of minority votes that he won in 2008, he could win a majority of the national popular vote with even less than the 43 percent of whites he attracted last time.

This would mean that Republicans would have to come to the realization that only a super-landslide of White votes can win them the presidency. And they have to realize that their future as a competitive party in national elections is dim indeed–unless they do something to stop these trends while they have a bit of power. But they won’t. Texas is typical:
“Anglos still dominate the [Texas] electorate and will for a while longer, but every election for the rest of your lifetime will have a higher percentage of Latinos and a lower percentage of Anglos than the previous one,” says sociologist Stephen Klineberg of Rice University.
The only solution for the Republicans offered in the article (stop me if you’ve heard this before) is to court Latino support.
Republicans cannot win if they allow Obama to keep two-thirds of the Latino vote he attracted in 2008. The first step toward turning some of that support, he contends, is aggressively pursuing those voters with Spanish-language advertising.
But what do Latino voters want? More Latinos (aka “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”) and lots of government benefits. (Brownstein calls the Republican opposition to illegal immigration “a sharp right turn” [!!]) The result would a dystopia where the two major parties compete to cater to an increasingly large, poorly educated, low-IQ population of non-Whites. One would think that at some point Whites would wake up to the realization that this just isn’t working for them.

And to illustrate the gap between the priorities of the traditional White majority and what this new non-White soon-to-be majority wants, consider Texas, the topic of another Brownstein article (“Texas Hold ‘Em“). Brownstein makes it very clear where his political sympathies lie, and it’s not with White folks:
The census starkly frames the challenge of equipping minority children with the education and skills they’ll need to ascend into the middle class. Once, that might have been viewed as a question of social justice; it is clearly now an issue of economic necessity. The census found that nonwhites comprise nearly 47 percent of Americans under 18, with Hispanics and African-Americans representing almost four-fifths of that total. Those two groups lag whites in virtually all measures of educational attainment (such as high school graduation) and well-being (such as access to health care). Unless the nation closes those gaps, it will struggle to produce a labor force capable of attracting decent-paying jobs, competing internationally, and generating enough tax revenue to tame the federal debt.
As usual, the only thing needed to get Blacks and Latinos up to White levels of educational attainment is more money. IQ never enters the picture. But the evil Republican governor, Rick Perry, who got 84% of his votes from Whites, refuses to raise taxes to accomplish this. Whites probably also account a vastly disproportionate share of the total tax revenue for the state, and not surprisingly, they don’t want to provide yet more public services for people unlike themselves. This, of course, is a basic principle of evolutionary psychology, as scientists like Frank Salter have found: People are unwilling to contribute to public goods to people unlike themselves. This is a huge cost of diversity never mentioned by those who paint a picture of the harmonious multicultural future of America.

So we are headed to an Atlas Shrugged situation: An increasingly low-IQ population in need of massive levels of government services supported by increasingly reluctant racially different tax payers. Not a good recipe for a peaceful future...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Had Whites maintained the assimilationist, melting-pot ethic of traditional Christianity, this wouldn't have been a problem, because the ethno-tribal voting blocks being assembled by the Left, politically patterned on diaspora Jewish Zionism (ever since the early days of Marxism/Jewish Bolshevism), would never have been allowed to form in the first place.

Unfortunately, factions of money-worshipping and power mad Whites on both the Right and Left (looking to enrich themselves through their own Zionist-style swindles and money and power grabs) broke ranks, adopted the tribal Judaic ethic, and stabbed Whites, Christianity, Western Civilization, and the entire process of Christen enlightenment in the back out of greed, opportunism, careerism and sheer ornery low character.

These were compounded by factions of ethnic tribalists minorities who wanted to dwell in the relative peace and prosperity of Western Civilization without assimilating into the Western ethic, and worse, exploiting and abusing the good will of the Christian ethic at every opportunity.

So White greed, as manifested in Judeo-Christian Zionism, open borders globalism and corporatism, shysterism, liberal statism, and the quest for international monetary Keyenesianism, are as responsible for the perilous condition of Whites as anyone or anything.

Consequently, these corrupt White "elites" must be dealt with as readily as the others, otherwise the pattern simply repeats in perpetuity until the final genocide (patterned on Communist genocide).


Identifying Zionists or those with a record of supporting Zionism politically or a record of Zionist sympathies is key to flushing out the snakes.

The most evil people on the planet seem to be coalescing around Zionism; fortunately, this has now been going on long enough that the records have been established and the battle lines are increasingly clear.


Dissident said...

Expert analysis Chris.

I always enjoy your commentary Chris, you have a knack for putting things succinctly. Your writing style is excellent and to the point. I owe you a debt of gratitude for all your work.


Dissident said...

Hey Chris. I've got to say that these kinds of articles really drive home the point that our precious Western/Christian style of government has been totally obliterated.

My fear is that America will soon resemble South Africa. I can see strife and racial conflict coming to these shores soon. I fear for my children. God help us!

Chris Moore said...

@ Dissident,

Unless radical changes are undertaken, I agree that either a S. Africa style outcome or a totalitarian government is exactly where we’re headed thanks largely to these Judaizers (both Jewish and White) and the various pseudo “secular” ideological dead-end tracks they have put us on.

Just like the perpetual pinches current Israel and common era Jewry get themselves into often to the point of near extinction, time is definitely running short for Judaized Whites who have insisted on following Jewry down the warmongering, hyper materialistic rat hole.

Time to get back to the ethic of traditional Christian Western civilization, which has been subordinated and smeared by the partnership of Jewry, leftists and greedy opportunists as “backward” and “intolerant” for its marginalization of low character swindlers and shysters, who once on top, have exploited its framework to the maximum even as they have take a sledgehammer to its foundation.