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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gee, I wonder why Israel-first, Zionist-dominated mainstream media is taking the lead in warmongering against Iran?

U.S. media takes the lead on Iran

The propaganda over The Grave Persian Threat is as cartoonish as it was when directed at Iraq in 2002
( -- by Glenn Greenwald --

Many have compared the coordinated propaganda campaign now being disseminated about The Iranian Threat to that which preceded the Iraq War, but there is one notable difference. Whereas the American media in 2002 followed the lead of the U.S. government in beating the war drums against Saddam, they now seem even more eager for war against Iran than the U.S. government itself, which actually appears somewhat reluctant. Consider this highly illustrative, one-minute report yesterday from the nightly broadcast of NBC News with Brian Williams, by the network’s Chief Pentagon Correspondent Jim “Mik” Miklaszewski, which packs multiple misleading narratives into one short package:

We’re told that if the U.S. ends up in a war with Iran, then “the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet would be the world’s first line of defense“: because Iran is threatening the entire world, and the U.S. would be defending “the world” from this grave Persian menace. Then there’s the ominous claim that “Iranian leaders have threatened all-out war”: but that’s “if Israel launches air strikes against Iran’s nuclear program,” which would already itself be “all-out war.” The NBC story — which begins with video shots of Iranians in lab coats lurking around complex, James-Bond-villain-like nuclear-ish machines — ends with twenty seconds of scary video footage of Iranian missiles being launched, accompanied with this narration: “U.S. officials warn that Iran’s massive stockpile of ballistic missiles is the more serious threat”; after all, “within just the past few days, Iranian leaders [cue video of a scary, ranting Ahmedinijad] have threatened that if attacked, they would launch those missiles at U.S. targets.”

It’s just remarkable to watch the American media depict Iran as the threatening, aggressive party here. Literally on a daily basis, political and media figures in both the U.S. and Israel openly threaten to attack Iran and debate how the attack should happen with a casualness that most people use to contemplate what to have for lunch. The U.S. has orchestrated devastating and always-escalating sanctions which, by design, are wrecking the Iranian economy, collapsing its currency, and generating serious hardship for its 75 million citizens. The U.S. military has that country almost completely encircled. The U.S. military behemoth, and Israel’s massive nuclear stockpile and sophisticated weaponry, make the Iranian military by comparison look almost as laughable as Saddam’s. Iran’s scientists have been serially murdered on its own soil, their facilities bombarded with sophisticated cyber attacks, and dissident groups devoted to the overthrow of their government (ones even the U.S. designates as Terrorists) have been armed, trained and funded by Israel while leading American politicians openly shill for them in exchange for substantial payments.

Yet the Manichean narrative driving this NBC report is par for the media course: Iran’s aggression must be contained, and it is leaving the U.S. and Israel with no choice but to pre-emptively attack it. Most telling is how Iran is continuously depicted as though they are the ones issuing threats of aggression even though all of their threats are retaliatory: if you attack us, we will attack back...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Of course MSM is "out in front" of the government in terms of warmongering, because MSM today is wholly dominated by Israel-first, Diaspora Zionists, and Zionism is the spearhead for neo-fascism. In slight contrast, even though it too is Zionist-dominated, the two-party regime in Washington can't afford to be as openly cavalier and reckless with the lives of the goyim U.S. soldiers as the Jewish-owned media can.

This generalized, elite Jewish supremacy is also why Jewry is the foremost financial beneficiary of the neo-fascist racket in America. For example, at least 35% of the Forbes 400 are Jewish, even though Jews are under 2% of the population.

And that disproportionate Jewish wealth no doubt extends across the entire 1%, meaning just as Jewry comprises at least 35% of the Forbes 400, it also comprises at least 35% of the 1%.

Given this Jewish supremacist state of affairs among the contemporary U.S. "elite," is it any surprise that the 1% in America is today hogging a larger share of national income than at any time in U.S. history?

Of course not. Zionist Jewry has nothing but contempt and hatred for the goyim "cattle" it is currently and perpetually wringing, manipulating, robbing and slaughtering, whether they're Americans, U.S. soldiers, Palestinians, Arabs, makes no difference.

And then Zionist Jews profess to wonder why Jewry has been so "persecuted" down through history. The arrogance, chutzpah and insatiable greed of these people and their accomplices is truly unbelievable. It actually borders on insane.

Did they really think they were going to get away with it indefinitely? Only those who believe in Jewish fairy tales (e.g. Zionist Jews, Judeo Christian Zionists, Judeophile liberal Zionists) could have possibly deluded themselves so completely, and for so very long.

I'm not sure if all these deluded, Israel-first Zionists and their accomplices and lackeys should be deported to Israel, or checked into the loony bin.

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