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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Neo-fascist murderers of women and children chastise Russia, China for siding with Arab authoritarian murderers of women and children

Clinton calls U.N. Syria vote a "travesty"

(Reuters) -- by Arshad Mohammed --

(Reuters) - Russia and China's veto of a U.N. Security Council resolution on Syria was a travesty, the United States said on Saturday, saying it would work with other nations to support democratic change in the Arab nation.

The resolution vetoed by Russia and China would have urged Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to give up power after a bloody 11-month uprising.

It also would have supported an Arab League plan under which Assad would have ceded powers to a deputy, withdraw troops from towns and started a transition to democracy.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pulled no punches in criticizing the vetoes by Russia and China, though she did not mention either by name.

"What happened yesterday at the United Nations was a travesty," she said.

Clinton told a joint news conference with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov during a brief visit to Sofia: "Those countries that refused to support the Arab League plan bear full responsibility for protecting the brutal machine in Damascus."

"Faced with a neutered Security Council, we have to redouble our efforts outside of the United Nations with those allies and partners who support the Syrian people's right to have a better future," she said. "We have to increase diplomatic pressure on the Assad regime and work to convince those people around President Assad that he must go."

Clinton also said the United States would work with other nations to try to tighten "regional and national" sanctions "to dry up the sources of funding and the arms shipments that are keeping the regime's war machine going."

"We will work to expose those who are still funding the regime and sending it weapons that are used against defenseless Syrians, including women and children," she said. "We will work with the friends of a democratic Syria around the world to support the opposition's peaceful political plans for change."...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

So neo-fascist Hillary Clinton, who supports all of the U.S. wars in the Mideast, which have killed hundreds of thousands of women and children, and whose husbands administration implemented sanctions on the Iraqi people that killed hundreds of thousands of women and children as a warm up to neocon Bush's Iraq war that killed hundreds of thousands of women and children (based on lies about Iraqi connections to 9/11 and weapons of mass destruction) claims to be opposed to killing women and children.


Make no mistake, we are living under a murderous, neo-fascist two-party regime. All of the hallmarks are there:

False flag attacks for purposes of inciting wars; lied into wars; racial supremacy (Jews are the "chosen" race say Zionist Jews, Judeophile "liberals" who have turned conrol of the Democratic Party over to Zionist Jews, and Judeo-"Christian" Zionists and neocons; perpetual war for perpetual peace; State Capitalist/corporatist war profiteering and insider, government authority-enabled ripoffs of taxpayers and the general population.

Anyone who denies all of this adds up to neo-fascism is either part of the racket, in deep denial, or incredibly gullible.

The gall of Hillary Clinton, drenched with the blood of women and children, to claim the liberal fascists and neocons are any different than Arab authoritarians.

What nauseating chutzpah.

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