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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ron Paul rips Federal Reserve/Big Government fiat money pyramid scheme and its theft from average Americans via inflation to pay for its racket

Introduction by Chris Moore:

In the following video, Ron Paul explains how the Federal Reserve and Big Government are essentially stealing straight out of the pockets of the American people by way of inflation.

But first, some context.

This inflation is essentially the result of printing the massive amounts of money it takes to pay for leviathan government's grandiose social-engineering projects, wars, and corrupt largesse and pork that ends up lining the pockets of the elites. This money is created, laundered through Big Government and Big Business, and transferred to these thieving "elites" in what amounts to a massive Pyramid scheme built on the backs of average Americans, and at the expense of their children and future generations of Americans.

Here's how the scheme works, and why it is necessary:

--The President, Congress, the Federal Government (Big Government) and Big Business all want more power and money for themselves, and they want to plunder the good credit built up by previous generations of Americans and the United States itself to pay for it.

--They recognize they can temporarily get away with this plunder because the dollar is the world reserve currency thanks to the sacrifices of previous generations of Americans that put the U.S. in the geopolitical cat-bird seat, earned the U.S. incredible credit, and put the dollar in demand across the entire globe for all manner of transactions.

--The last couple of generations of so-called "elites" were faced with a choice: Protect the dollar as the world reserve currency by spending moderately and responsibly, by keeping government small and responsible, and by maintaining American industry, free enterprise and general geopolitical moderation,


--Plunder the dollar and future Americans in order to create a temporal Empire of luxury, Big Government and Big Business that will line their own pockets, enable their self-aggrandizement and self-gratification, make them feel like big shots and gods on earth, and pay for their narcissistic pet projects and ego trips.

Guess which route the elites of the Worst Generation (except for about five people, one of which is Ron Paul) took? And guess which generations are left to suffer for the vainglorious megalomania of the big shot reprobates "elites" that have plundered the country and its prospects, all because they wanted "live large" on the sacrifices of those who came before them (and who intended that America would prosper not merely for a few nihilistic decades, but for at least a few hundred years)?

But thanks to sleazy economic snake oil salesmen like Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan and their ilk greasing the skids, the Worst Generation has managed to blow the American wad in record time, and now it's all over but the shouting.

So here's Ron Paul with a little bit of the shouting...


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