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Monday, February 27, 2012

Majority of world, Americans and Westerners oppose war path with Iran, but Israel lobby-corrupted politicians won't be swayed by democracy

(By Chris Moore) -- Juan Cole has an interesting graphic up at his blog Informed Comment. It shows that the majority of the world is opposed to the war path with Iran.

And really, the majority of Western peoples are opposed to the war path with Iran, as well. The only interests supporting it are the Israel lobby and its fifth column around the centers of power, the corrupt politicians they have bought off, and their various left-right useful idiots who are either blinkered, brainwashed and ignorant, or in thrall to the corrupt politicians whom the Zionists have compromised.

As Simon Tisdall reports in the Guardian:
A recent analysis of US public opinion revealed deeply ambivalent attitudes on Iran, with the majority of Americans apparently favouring diplomatic solutions. Yet as Republican presidential candidates exploit the issue, as the Israelis lobby America, and as Iranian factions manoeuvre ahead of parliamentary polls, the likelihood grows that doves and doubters will again be either converted or ignored.
And it's not just neocon Republicans who are hawkish on Iran at the behest of ideological Zionism and the Israel lobby, but bought-off liberal politicos, as well.

Zev Chafets notes in Newsweek's Daily Beast:
The Washington Post has estimated that Jews provide 60 percent of the party’s major individual contributions. The actual stat, according to a Democratic insider privy to unreleased research, puts the figure closer to 80 percent. In 2004, when so-called 527 organizations provided the biggest contributions, four Democratic donors—George Soros, Peter Lewis, Steven Bing, and the Sandler family—coughed up $73 million, more than the next 20 contributors, Republican and Democratic, combined. Jews are not simply supporters of the Democratic Party. They are stakeholders...Most Jewish Democrats are fans of Israel. When the team is doing well, they are glad to join the parade.
The determined and disciplined Israel-first cult has learned that modern Western politicians are nothing but politically correct whores who will sell their souls and sell out their own countries for a pittance, so buying wars on behalf of Israel and the larger Zionist agenda is relatively easy and cheap so long as the filthy lucre is spread around in the right areas.

The old adage, "One rotten apple spoils the barrel" applies doubly in the halls of politically correct, money-worshipping modern Western governmental power, only it should be modified to read "One wealthy, rotten lobby spoils the democracy."

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