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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holocaustianity for the Green set: the political cult of “climate change”

The Great Global Warming Swindle, Cont'd...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

To demonstrate the point of the "Holocaustianity" reference in the headline I’ve written here for this video, consider the following analysis “from an eco-socialist perspective,” of Richard A. Koenigsberg's recent book Nations Have the Right to Kill: Hitler, the Holocaust and War, reviewed by "libertarian socialist" (aka neo-Marxist) Javier Sethness.

His review is another example in the growing body of evidence that left-wingers and even some right-wing corporatist-profiteering opportunists are attempting to use climate change and “global warming” as a casis-belli to gain public favor and extort tax money and material resources from working stiffs throughout the world in order to line their own pockets by means of Big Government "remedies." It's the same emotional-blackmail method employed by Zionists to leverage the Holocaust into nearly unlimited Western funding and wars for Israel and other organized-Jewish rackets, just as the Bolsheviks were able to leverage faith in Marxism into worldwide support for the murderous Communist racket before that, only here Sethness manages to unify all three rackets (Marxism, Holocaustianity, and Climate Fraud) into one unifying narrative.

Javier Sethness, knock yourself out:

The prospect of reviewing a recent book on the Holocaust from an eco-socialist perspective may strike some as unexpected or even strange. The relevance of the attempted extermination of European Jewry at the hands of the Nazis and their collaborators to the present predicament may perhaps appear questionable. It will however be the not uncontroversial assertion of this review that Richard A. Koenigsberg's Nations Have the Right to Kill: Hitler, the Holocaust and War can help to illuminate some of the factors that currently threaten the continued existence of much of humanity by means of what will here be called climate genocide…

The tactics and methods of climate genocide are undoubtedly different than those exhibited in the genocide with which Koenigsberg concerns himself in Nations Have the Right to Kill —there are no extermination camps like Auschwitz or Treblinka in the present, just as there seems to be no conscious attempt to murder millions more generally. However, present reality, along with the likely future capitalist societies have engendered through both their contributions to climate change and their decidedly weak responses to it, speaks for itself: 300,000 people die annually in the present day as a result of the 0.7-0.8° C increase in average global temperatures that has already taken place because of past emissions [1]. Essentially all of the deaths, economic cost, and other misfortune for which climate change is responsible are borne in the present by what has been termed the developing world [2]...

The remarkable lack of action aimed at mitigating future climate change up to this point taken by the industrialized world as well as the surfeit of money thus far made available by advanced-capitalist societies for poorer societies to adapt to catastrophic change amount to collaboration with the future death of a decidedly overwhelming number of human beings—this, on a scale far greater than any other in human history. The deaths of these individuals would result not from ‘natural' causes but rather human-induced ones; they would consequently be killed, theirs deaths homicide...
Sadly, when it comes to emotional blackmail and "emergency" appeals in order to advance epic frauds, rackets, and swindles for cynical, self-serving (and self-enriching) purposes, Marxists, Zionists and Climate Fraudsters are all apparently cut from the same shameless, extortionist, cloth.

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