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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The problem with socialism is the same as the problem with Zionism: they’re both internationalist scams

(By Chris Moore) -- A big problem with the socialists is that they’re internationalists, just like the Jewish nationalists and their web of Diaspora colonies spanning the globe that together comprises international Zionism. One of the MO’s of this latter web is for its members to penetrate and colonize their respective societies, become interconnected with their elite, influence those societies towards interdependence upon other societies that have been infiltrated by the Zionists, and before long countries all over the world are implicated and complicit in the corruption and rackets of the Jewish nationalist web, and a party to its wars (i.e. the Iraq war). One way to comprehend the phenomenon is as a tangent to the international central banking web, whose members are all interconnected and interdependent upon one another by way of their common federal reserve systems, with the (disproportionately Jewish-run) American Fed holding the catbird seat. That scheme has been able to stay afloat for a time because so much Western international finance has been tied to that system, but is today collapsing because it is fraudulent at the core, and has become an anchor dragging all of those countries to which it has been tethered into the economic depths.

The socialists seek to operate under a similar MO, with a similar intent of creating a system based on elitist deception, international racketeering, and Statist plutocratic-socialist profiteering under the guise of good works, with a web of socialist countries who are all tied to one another through common grifts and economic treaties (e.g. cap and trade), and hence can’t be challenged without bringing down the entire framework. In fact, the socialists probably learned the scam of using “progressive” rhetoric from Jewish Communists, who used slogans like “social justice” to paper over their totalitarian intentions and deeds, and to make themselves appear as the more measured and intellectually sophisticated “good guys” who were operating totally objectively and scientifically, as opposed to their “selfish” and “superstitious” Western opposition.

Just like the Zionists, Western socialists are running an elaborate, highly complex and sophisticated scam; and like the Jewish “Communists,” (most of whom were crypto Jewish nationalists who sought to set up international Communism as a vessel for their Zionist racket) they’ve managed to rope in a lot of Gentile useful idiots by repeating ad nauseum that they (the socialists) are animated by nothing but good intentions, benevolence and a desire for social “progress,” and that a return to the Dark Ages is coming by way of environmental and economic disaster unless they are unquestionably, uncritically, and unthinkingly followed. In fact, they are all stylistically the same as the medieval Church prior to the Reformation, which declared it must be unquestionably and uncritically followed, or the world was destined for hell.

The problem with the socialist scam is the same problem that afflicts all international scams: they are economically unsound, totally unprincipled, and hollow at the core, and hence degrade over time and eventually either collapse, or require wars to sustain them.

Far from being “progressive,“ the socialist masses are essentially children whose selfish demands for a Peter Pan existence comes at the cost of global wars and mass murder. Just as America today has to engage in global authoritarianism to prop up the dollar, (now long degraded by massive deficit spending, debt, and the socialist dependency of countries under its defense umbrella who don’t financially contribute to its costs), any international socialists system will eventually have to resort to world war to prop itself up as well, only a lot sooner than America has, because the socialist model is even more economically unsound than America’s corrupted system, and hence piles up massive deficits and debt even faster.

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