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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lenin's vision of "totalitarian democracy" comes to America

Dems Will Reconcile Senate and House Obamacare Bill Versions Behind Closed Doors
( -- By Kurt Nimmo

Democrats in the Senate have rammed through their totalitarian Obamacare at gunpoint bill. But there is much work to be done before they can foist this monster on the American people. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid need to reconcile the different House and Senate versions. This is usually done through conference committees, but the process will be modified for the precious Obamacare legislation...

This is how the Soviet system worked. Top party leadership acted as political brokers and ensured that the Supreme Soviet adhered to party decisions. The Democrats under Pelosi and Reid have formed an American version of the Central Executive Committee and the Supreme Soviet which exercises exclusively all legislative power.

We are now witnessing what Lenin called “totalitarian democracy” at work in America...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Did Neocon-Republicans really believe there would be no consequences to the creation of an imperial presidency and a corrupt system of abusive power during the Bush II years? How short-sighted, and incredibly ignorant they were, and apparently still are. Today, they (but more importantly, the American people) are reaping the consequences of their growing government during the Bush administration into an impervious Leviathan, and concentrating more power in Washington than any presidency since FDR. It’s just that now the Democrats hold Leviathan’s reigns -- the actualization of a possibility that should have occurred to even the most obtuse and pompous Empire Republicans during the Bush years, but apparently didn’t.

The sick irony is that as the Dems continue even further down the path of concentrating ever more tyrannical power in Washington so they can stick it to the “opposition,” the main victims of their folly will be the American youth, and future generations of Americans buried under mountains of debt and the apparatus of an increasingly totalitarian police state, who had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the crimes and idiocy of the Bushcons.

Americans are today paying for the sin and incredible selfishness and short-sightedness of electing successive generations of Big Government-peddling, Marxist-ethic buffoons on both the Left and Right. And they certainly can’t say they weren’t warned: political prophets Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan have been frantically issuing warnings for decades.

But I guess the “more sophisticated” majority of the American post-war generations new better, or convinced themselves they did.

Perhaps the only laudable outcome of the whole sorry story is that historians will undoubtedly record the Silent Generation and the Boomers as the worst generations in American history, bar none. Never have so few so selfishly plundered, despoiled and frittered away so much so fast -- probably in the entire history of the world. We went from the most prosperous, stable and powerful super power on earth to…this -- all in the course of couple of decades. Pathetic

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