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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Obammunism's main mission: Protect the international-bankers and Wall Street shylock-class from the angry American people and their pitchforks

Obama's fat cats
(The Smirking Chimp) -- By Brent Budowsky --

When President Barack Obama denounced "fat cats" during his performance on "60 Minutes," and made weak comments after his meeting with bank CEOs, I was reminded why so many Americans are angry with everyone in Washington.

The president says Wall Street doesn't get it. He has it backward. Wall Street gets it. He still doesn't.

Wall Street knows that "sticks and stones can break my bones, but faux anger cannot hurt me." Wall Street believes the president can be rolled, Congress can be bought, consumers can be screwed, jobs can be destroyed, the nation can be harmed, the public can be enraged -- and it can continue these practices without limit and without shame and pay itself gigantic bonuses for it, and nobody will fight to change this.

The president famously told bankers he stood between them and pitchforks. Presumably he meant the pitchforks are country rubes like myself and 250 million Americans who think that when troops give their lives to serve our nation, bankers who get huge bailouts might ask what they can do for our country, instead of enriching themselves to levels that historians will discuss for a hundred years...MORE...LINK

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