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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Motives behind "global warming" fraudsters far more sinister than environmental fanaticism

Leaked Emails Expose US-UK Fraud on Global Warming

Peter Eyre - Middle East Consultant Added by PT Editor Sarah Price

UK, December 10, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) - As you know I myself published a series of seven articles on the topic of "Global Warming" in the Palestine Telegraph. I have always believed that everything that was concocted by the G20 countries was a scam and a means for the G20 to create stealth taxes on the ordinary people of this world and for the poorer countries to be bullied in taking on huge debts via the World Bank and the IMF.

I am so happy that this has come out before any decisions have been made. In releasing these emails one could say that it may have saved the lives of thousands if not millions of innocent people around the world. Hopefully this will stop the G20 from initiating their evil plans and leave the third world to get on with its own affairs. This is truly good news and for those who do not know the contents of the emails then please go to the following link and read yourself:

This leak has truly revealed the workings of the G20 bully brigade headed by Obama, Brown and that multi millionaire Al Gore. This man failed in his attempt to run for Presidency after trying to impress us with his "Green Policy." He launched a series of films and a book on the topic and travelled the world giving talks on the issues of "Global Warming." This false façade netted him huge sums of money. What we see now is Al Gore avoiding the media. Can one imagine that this guy was giving a talk on "Global Warming" at the Climate Change meeting in Copenhagen for $1200 per ticket? When these leaked emails came out exposing all of the US/UK science fraud he canceled his talk.

It is time for the ordinary people in this world to take back the control of their respective countries and stop these evil leaders from trying to create their own "New World Order." They are totally under the control of the Wall Street and London bankers with Christian and Jewish Zionism at their heart.

The G20 (especially the G8) have aggressive foreign policies that only seek economic growth at whatever the cost. They are always looking for conflict or wars as this generates huge commercial returns on the export of military hardware and also causes the price of oil to skyrocket. Their current agenda is to stage another war (WW3) in the Middle East and also in the Far East possibly involving Iran and North Korea...CONT'D...LINK

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