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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Federal judge's incoherent ruling advances Obama admin's war against the citizens of Arizona and American sovereignty

TYRANNY! Federal judge blocks major portions of Arizona illegal alien law
(Conservative Examiner) -- by Anthony G. Martin --

The U.S. Code clearly states that the aiding and abetting of illegal aliens is a felony.

But a federal judge a few minutes ago struck down portions of Arizona's law, granting a temporary injunction, forbidding the police in Arizona from asking about the immigration status of those under suspicion of other crimes.

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton sided with the Obama Administration in granting the temporary injunction. A CNN video on the ruling can be found here.

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images).

The Judge's reasoning is highly confusing, to say the least. Suggesting that Arizona's new state law concerning the onslaught of illegal aliens that has led to burgeoning crime and budgetary difficulties 'adds to federal law' and that state and local governments can only enforce the laws of that state and locality, the Judge opens up a entire illogical thought process that could be used, for example, to forbid a state from enforcing federal laws on, say, EPA restrictions on private property, or federal building codes.

And we all know that states are required to enforce federal law in an entire array of key areas of criminal law.

But the most incredibly asinine portion of the Judge's decision is the fact that this injunction was issued based upon faulty reasoning on the part of the Obama Administration--that the law POTENTIALLY leads to discrimination, although since the law has not even taken effect, there is absolutely no case regarding discrimination upon which to base such a claim.

When American citizens are stopped by cops under suspicion of a crime or misdemeanor, they are required to 'show their papers.' Why not illegal aliens?

This type of preferential treatment of illegals, with the blessing of the federal government that refuses to enforce its own immigration laws, is one of the things that is driving the seething anger of the electorate toward the government.

Thus, Judge Bolton has done the citizens a great disservice in siding with a regime that has declared war against America's own citizens in lieu of supporting Mexico's assault on our southern border...MORE...LINK

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