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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Groundwork for October surprise? Fanatical Left-Corporatist politicians, media lately all parrot same GOP = "dangerous" meme

The 'October surprise' may start early

( -- by Anthony G. Martin --

As public approval ratings for Barack Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress continue to plummet to near-historic lows, the minions who feel threatened that their power may be slipping away are turning to extreme measures

The infamous 'October surprise'--the last-ditch effort of desperation of the part of vulnerable candidates to pull a shocker just prior to the November elections--may start early. October may be too late for Obama and the troubled Democrats who only garner a pathetic 11% approval rating by the public.

The key, public game-plan of the Obama minions is to create the perception that turning the Congress over to Republicans would be 'dangerous.' Obama, Barney Frank, Al Franken, and host of other Leftwing extremists have all chirped the very same talking point. An example of the bias of the mainstream media in parroting the talking point can be found here.

They hope Americans will forget that the long-standing policy of the federal government through its mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac created the economic crisis of 2007. They also hope that Americans forget that in the so-called 'finance reform bill' just passed by Congress, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd made sure that Fannie and Freddie are excluded from the 2000-page rules and regulations the Marxists slapped on Wall Street, banks, investment firms, and individual citizens (the bill allows government to snoop into our bank accounts, track our credit card purchases, and track our purchase of gold coins).

But beneath the surface of this public offensive, the Obama minions have another plan. It is a bit complicated but very simple in its theory. The goal is to scare Americans sufficiently to prevent them from taking the 'risk' of voting them out of office.

How would this be accomplished?

Any severe international crisis that threatens the lives, the livelihood, the economy, or the very survival of the country is viewed by the political elite as a perfect method of staying in power. On several fronts a multifaceted scheme is now afoot to create such a crisis.

Several headlines in the news today point to the scheme:

**War is brewing in the Middle East AND North Korea. Both are very dangerous, given that nukes are involved in both instances. Obama's policies have exacerbated rather than defused the situation.

**The Defense Department 'lost' nearly 9 billion dollars earmarked for the rebuilding of Iraq. Where did that money go?

**Goldman-Sachs finally revealed where it's taxpayer-funded bailout money went--to OVERSEAS BANKS. Why? What are they funding? And remember, most of Obama's closest advisers have direct ties to Goldman-Sachs, many of whom were formerly on the payroll of the banking giant.

**Market guru Karl Denninger describes why the economy is headed for complete collapse here and here. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke confirmed this by stating that the economy is 'uncertain.' Remember, Obama, the Feds, government economists, and the mainstream media declared that 'the recession is over.' They lied.

**Obama is deliberately creating a Constitutional crisis concerning the southern border by suing a state over its law that does nothing but enforce FEDERAL LAW. The irony of the lawsuit is that Holder and company are arguing their case on Constitutional grounds, although this Administration is well-known for not only ignoring but expressing outright disdain for that very Constitution. There is much more conflict than meets the eye brewing under the surface regarding the southern border. Citizens from all over the country are gathering in the area to fight for Arizona's right to stop the entry of illegal aliens...MORE...LINK

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