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Monday, July 19, 2010

Owned and run by wealthy, elitist special interest, Obama and Democrats still try to pass themselves off as voice of the downtrodden

Obama Plays Phony Populist Card: Says GOP 'Party of the Rich'

(Activist Post) --

In Obama's Weekly Presidential Address he slammed the Republican party for obstructing extending jobless benefits to the most needy Americans. He labeled them the "party of the rich," pitting the middle-class populist movement against the GOP. Reuters reported on the address:
President Barack Obama stepped up criticism of Republicans on Saturday for blocking jobless aid, hammering home a Democratic election year attack line that casts the opposition as the party of the rich.

'Too often, the Republican leadership in the United States Senate chooses to filibuster our recovery and obstruct our progress. And that has very real consequences,' Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address.
Apparently he recognizes that the top-down debate is what people are listening to, and in perfect form he spins the argument into a left-right debate. Yes, Republicans are holding up unemployment benefits which is deplorable given that they helped bailout the banks -- not to mention the other wasteful programs and unending wars they happily vote to fund.

"So after years of championing policies that turned a record surplus into a massive deficit, including a tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, they've finally decided to make their stand on the backs of the unemployed," he said.

However, Obama forgets to mention that one of the main reasons the jobless number is so high is because NAFTA and GATT (also supported by "free-market" Republicans) were implemented during the Clinton years. The exodus of jobs continues as six more Fortune 500 companies announced this week that they're relocating their headquarters to China.

He also forgets to mention that the banks flooded the economy with easy capital under Clinton which obviously will grow the economy. This injection of lending not only explains the budget surplus, but also the massive defaults of over-extended private debt in America.

Obama's weekly address is classic left-right propaganda. He comically opened with the statement, "This week, many of our largest corporations reported robust earnings. A positive sign of growth." He must be referring to JPMorgan's record breaking profits ushered in on the backs of the taxpayer.

It's too late for left-right politics. The populist movement has sniffed out that both parties are owned by the same banksters, oil companies, military-industrial complex, big pharmaceuticals, and all the rest of the rich global elite who could care less about the average citizen...LINK

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apollonian said...

Topmost Criminals Best Exposed By CONCRETE Term: COUNTERFEITERS--Then Folks Understand Best
(Apollonian, 19 Jul 10)

Well Chris: the "wealthy" and "elite" are simply CRIMINAL overlords that's all--they own all the politicians AND especially "Jews-media" (see, this by means of their COUNTERFEITING monopoly in way of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud--see for expo/ref. In fact, now criminals want to own US, the people, too--it's their idea of "economy"--and they want us to get used to it.

Thus COUNTERFEITERS end up owning and controlling EVERYTHING--why wouldn't they?--it's inevitable, given the necessary logic to that infernal counterfeiting.

And the people who co-ordinate it all, necessarily, must be those who are CRIMINALS-BY-RELIGION, the Jews--WHO ELSE? See and for best Talmudic expo. For in the great ZOG-Mammon Empire of lies, those who worship lies (subjectivism) rule necessarily--as long as they don't totally lose all perspective--but which is hard to keep when objectivity (basis of truth) is ur greatest enemy.

So in this great CONSPIRACY, u have (a) Jews, (b) "Judeo-Christian" ( and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who confuse and dis-inform gentiles to worship Jews and support enemy Israeli terror-state which did 9-11 (see

Also, (c) queers and (d) bolsheviki, and another faction then is the (e) ILLEGAL ALIENS, who of course are surely mostly dupes themselves, along w. great mass of JCs too.

Thus it's surely most important and essential to emphasize simple COUNTERFEIT nature of the topmost conspiracy, crux to everything else criminal and conspiratorial, as these funds then FUEL absolutely everything else of conspiracy and then especially Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace."

"Usury" and charging-of-"interest" is actually a side-issue which Jews most often interject in order to confuse the COUNTERFEIT and "banking" issue. "Counterfeiting" keeps things simple, CONCRETE, and easy to understand--even for small children.

CONCLUSION: Thus we see great UTILITY and place of original dear CHRISTIANITY, the historical Hegelian-style "reaction"/opposition to Judaic Pharisaism, conspiracy, murder, and lies, Christ preaching TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 18:37-8) and honesty above all things. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian