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Monday, July 19, 2010

Left-liberal media characterize tea party movement as "racist" based on a few bad apples, but dismiss rampant racism on Left

N.Y. Times Columnist: Who Cares About a 'Tiny Group' Like the Black Panthers?

( -- by Tim Graham --

While MSNBC has spent a week or so playing the allegation of Tea Party racism in heavy rotation, on Monday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC, anchor Mika Brzezinski devoted a segment to the controversy over the New Black Panther Party’s voter intimidation. New York Times editorial writer Charles Blow denounced the group and agreed that the Justice Department needs to answer questions, but he predictably tried to argue conservatives are outrageous in suggesting the "strange logic" that Team Obama’s actions say something about Team Obama and racial justice:
The political part of it is, I think, the most inflammatory part of this. It's strange logic. The idea that the Obama administration – which is what's happening here – people are trying to tie the Obama administration to black radicalism. And that has been happening since the campaign and it continues to happen. Not everybody, but it's an electoral goal if you can tie him somehow to black radicalism. It's strange logic to think that this tiny group, he somehow benefits politically from protecting them. They have a summit the year before this voter intimidation thing came up. There were a hundred people there. There's nobody there. There's nothing to gain. In fact, there's everything to gain in prosecuting.
The "tiny group" argument is especially fascinating. The liberal media have been consistently excited at following a tiny group of white racist organizations, accepting repeated tips from the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center. The liberal media made an enormous story in 2007 out of a "tiny group" of people who hung nooses from a tree in the schoolyard in Jena, Louisiana.

Blow is also the columnist who caught a wave of condemnation after he called a diverse Tea Party rally in Dallas a "minstrel show," because minorities aren’t supposed to say conservative things. Blow kept coming back to how it would be grossly unfair to try and make political hay out of the Black Panthers, on the same network that’s been trying to make political hay out of Tea Party racism allegations...MORE...LINK

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apollonian said...

[Chris: most appropriate commentary for this story would be exact same as I posted earlier for ur 16 July blog, "Racist, Ethno-Nationalist...." A.]

* * * * *

apollonian said...

Race War Is Diversion/Decoy Fm Criminal COUNTERFEIT Conspiracy Run By Jews--A Diversion Succeeding Brilliantly, Abetted By Buchanan And Chris Moore
(Apollonian, 17 Jul 10)

Chris: NAACP is simply a tool of Jews and criminals to DIVERT attn fm the main game--CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY of Fed COUNTERFEITING--see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud. This Diversion is what u and Buchanan UTTERLY FAIL to pt. out--diversion fm the foremost Fed criminal conspiracy.

For that's all the Fed is--COUNTERFEITING--this, then with interest additionally charged upon money that heretofore did not exist--which was COUNTERFEITED and now devalues all the previous funds which had existed previously.

Chris: what is the matter with u and others?--why can't u place blame and attn where it belongs?--against palpable CRIMINALS and COUNTERFEITERS.

Can't u realize COUNTERFEITING is simple CONCRETE term which anyone can understand?--even small children.

And once then u understand and grasp this COUNTERFEIT conspiracy/enterprise, u easily see the foremost CRIMINAL MASTERMINDS behind it, JEWS, JEWS, JEWS, JEWS, JEWS, JEWS, JEWS.

And yes, we know not all Jews are master-minds, BUT all Jews, even on lower sociologic levels do support their fellow Jews and criminal leaders--it's what being a Jew is all about--CRIMINALS who lord it over enslaved goyim.

So of course Jews have have cohorts, accomplices, and fronts among the goyim in order to dupe and terrorize all the rest of poor, stupid people.

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(b) The homosexuals;

(c) Bolsheviki-leftists, who ironically, are opposed to the JCs--as JCs are opposed to the bolshies and "leftists"--this is one of the amazing, interesting things about the ruling Judeo-conspiracy.

Pat Buchanan is a coward and a liar who makes money fm the Jews, helping to cover for Jew criminals--BUT he can at least speak the truth about Fed COUNTERFEITING, explaining to the volk EXACTLY what the Fed is and does--COUNTERFEITING.

But observe Buchanan totally fails, rather accepting the false dialectic premises, going off now playing defense, babbling about how TEA-Party isn't racist, oh noooooooooooooooooo.

CONCLUSION: So what we need is JEW-EXPULSION, another one, this in emulation of original magnificent Christian revolutionaries led by St. Constantine the Great. Christianity is ANTI-SEMITISM first, last, and always--preaching TRUTH, hence Aristotelian objective reality, the necessary criterion--against Jew lies and conspiracy founded on subjectivism and esp. then, "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy and hubristic perfectly "free" human will. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian
11:38 AM