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Saturday, October 29, 2011

After fracturing skull of Iraq war veteran at Occupy protest, why did cops throw stun grenade at him and those trying to aid him?

Footage of Scott Olsen being shot by Police at Occupy Oakland

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Chris Moore comments:

What were these protesters doing to elicit violence from the police? Nothing, except exercising their constitutionally guaranteed free speech rights.

There is clearly a neo-fascist, Zionist-Globalist war on the U.S. Constitution and American freedoms going on in this country at the behest of the wealthy, corrupt Parasite Class and its bought-off, Left-Right lackeys, and the gloves are coming off.

When Americans not only get fleeced by these neo-fascists, but then get assaulted by authorities for exercising their right to publicly petition and speak out against the theft, it's clear that these Zionist gangsters are totally out of control.

I'm sure none of this is going to sit well with the U.S. military, which no doubt is quickly realizing that it's been hoodwinked itself into fighting wars for Zionist supremacism and for an insular, Ancien Regime-style elite that is increasingly out-of-touch and guilty of treason.

Americans unquestionably must now begin the long, arduous process of eradicating this haughty, entitled menace and its corrupt political lackeys, but must NOT make the same mistake as the French revolutionaries and set up a permanent central authority to do so.

The guillotine should be allowed to do the job of dispensing justice to these neo-fascists, and then wheeled into retirement so the Constitution can be re-drafted to correct the errors that allowed for the government's infiltration by these treasonous interlopers, and restored to its rightful place as the law of the land.

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