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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Website appears to have (more or less) accurately documented Zionist control of the Fed, Big Banking, Wall Street capital, etc.

...and it can be found here:
Who Controls America?

Spend some time exploring this website, and you'll understand what the “anti-Semitism” canard was utilized to do...prevent Americans from knowing their Zionist enemy by using it aggressively against any and all critics for decades on end.

And of course, once the Zionists got their hooks into various American institutions and their hands on the government purse strings, those they brought into their spoils system weren’t going to blow the whistle.

The problem now is that it’s one big collapsing pyramid scheme that is having to resort to fascism to keep itself propped up, because the same types willing to get into bed with Zionism (of both the Left and Right) essentially also subscribe to their murderous, Keynesian con artist ethic that you can get something for nothing simply by muscling here and there (Mideast wars), printing money, turning this economic knob and pulling that economic lever...but really, all this Greenspan/Bernanke-lever turning amounted to (basically the various Federal Reserve-inflated economic bubbles) was an epic stalling tactic to temporarily appease the masses as the country was systematically plundered and sold out to globalism, and its jobs that actually produced something tangible were shifted overseas.

It’s time to identify the Zionists, the wealthy State Capitalist opportunists and bureaucrats who have enriched themselves via crony Big Government, and their super wealthy corporatist collaborators who have enriched themselves by selling out the country (not simply “the wealthy,” but rather “the grifter wealthy"...Wall St. banksters and job-plundering globalist cartelists), and claw back all that was stolen from the American people under cover of corrupt government, corrupt media, and corrupt corporatism. -- Chris Moore

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