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Friday, October 21, 2011

Death of Qaddafi: Millions of Fox News and MSNBC useful idiots celebrate the crumbling West's attainment of yet another welfare dependent

Hooray! Qaddafi's dead!

Now what?

Well, the beleaguered Western taxpayers, whose own infrastructures, economies, societies and families are crumbling, just attained yet another Islamic dependent.

But that's alright. Wall Street is happy because oil companies will get rich along with the elites of the neo-fascist, State-corporatocracy that is able to pass off all of the negative costs of conquering and occupying Libya onto the average taxpayers (as epitomized by the Fox News and MSNBC useful idiots now pumping their fists) and keep the plumbs for themselves.

It must be nice for these smug, executive suite and marble hall elites to see millions of people cheering another hallmark moment in the agenda of their own enslavement. I'm sure they take great satisfaction in seeing the rubes celebrate their own fleecing and bankrupting. What an ego-boost for the elite's sociopathic psyches.

Meanwhile, the rubes are engaged in their own "victory" high...that is, until the bills start coming due and the realize they've been swindled, yet again.

But isn't that why rubes exist, as fodder for sociopaths?
-- Chris Moore

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