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Friday, October 14, 2011

The moral, spiritual and social collapse of Western civilization: who and what is behind it? The usual suspects, Whites themselves, and capitalism


“The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” — V. I. Lenin

(By Chris Moore) -- Farnham O'Reilly of the White nationalist Occidental Observer webzine has an interesting article lamenting the seemingly inexplicable and incredibly sudden moral, social, cultural and racial collapse of the formerly-great White man of Western civilization, and a search for the root causes behind this utter train wreck. the West, something has gone wrong. And, it has gone wrong very recently; perhaps the exact turning point in time can be placed shortly before the middle of the 20th century. Specifically with White people, the Laws of Nature have been turned upside down, and they have all but lost the normal, healthy animal instinct to resist danger. Black-on-White crime has become more prevalent, but we are yet to see any retaliation from Whites. In California there is a new law pushing the homosexual agenda that requires public schools to include the contributions of people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender in social studies curriculum — emphasizing to children the nature of the contributor rather than the contribution. Out of the hundreds of thousands of parents affected, where is the father or mother who will rebel against their child being brainwashed — at their expense yet without their consent — into believing Nature is wrong?...

A little over two hundred years ago it only took a tax on tea to bring our folk to the flashpoint. After WWII, we stood with the passivity of the gelded while our schools and neighborhoods were integrated, our silver taken away, our society permeated with drugs, our modesty shorn, our young men sent off to die in no-win wars, our cultural values trashed, marriage and family attacked, our gene pool gutted, our ‘emancipated’ women given license to kill their babies, our borders opened, our manufacturing exported, perversion shoved down our throats, and our economy ruined. What was once the most blessed nation on earth, in a very short time, became a world leader in the rate of incarceration, car thefts, murders, number of police officers, number of obese people, legal and illegal drug use, divorce rate, rate of women taking anti-depressants, leading manufacturer of pornography (89% of world porn is made in America), foremost champion of Jewish political, cultural and financial interests, and largest trade deficit and national debt — all of this accompanied by lowered student scores in math, science, language skills, and historical and geographical knowledge.
Both the writer of the article and the readers in the comments section struggle to put their fingers on exactly what has happened in the West, and to America in particular. There's Jewry to blame, and cultural Marxism, of course, but others attempt to blame invasion by other races or the mere presence of other races as playing a large role, as well.

This is pure self-deceit, because it fails to own up to the single biggest factor (along with Jewish predations) behind it all: Jew-like White greed, particularly of the Anglo-fascist variety.

Think about this: other than Jewry, every foreign race being castigated by White nationalists was either coerced into the West (Black slaves) implicitly let in via open borders (Hispanic migrants) or explicitly invited (H1B Visas) out of the greedy economic imperatives of greedy Whites and Jews.

Additionally, all of the cultural filth that pours forth through our television sets, on billboards, on supermarket checkout stands, the pornography on the Internet, etc. exists in our faces as a consequence of greed — those eager to put their own enrichment, self-aggrandizement and vain quest for luxuries before the health of the society.

Greedy White corporatism, along with Globalist State Capitalism, have plundered American industry and jobs and exported them overseas in quest of higher profit margins, and turned the U.S. economic system into a shell casino economy, and the financial sector into one vast Ponzi scheme rigged by the Fed.

Then there’s White-sacrificing, State Capitalist, military-industrial complex wars (lately Mideast wars for Zionism) that have grown the State into an all-consuming leviathan, turned the country fascist, and polarized the citizenry.

Jewry played a massive role in all of this, but never would have gotten very far without average Whites eager to sell their own souls, line their own pockets, and lay down with the Jewish snake to do so.

Judeo-Christian Zionism, Judeophile liberalism, multi-culturalism, political correctness...all just smokescreens and intellectual rationales clung to by craven Whites to rationalize the selling of their souls to Jewry.

When large segments of their modern, post-Greco-Christian fellow Whites are at the root cause of their own race's demise, what can White nationalists do? What can they say? Intellectually, they're in a bind that is impossible to escape.

It’s a horrible thing to realize that masses of your own White “family” would cut your throat in collaboration with the Jewish predators for a buck, but there it is...which is why anyone looking for root causes needs to look to vainglorious, Jew-collaborating Whites, and then calculate if they can be de-Judaized peaceably, or if its going to take a return of the Greco-Christian sword.

And deep down, sadly, we all know the answer to that, too.

The Greco-Christian warrior ethic and moral authority is eventually going to return. The only question at this point is how much time is going to be wasted on intellectually bankrupt dead ends like White nationalism and Judaized conceptions like liberal internationalism and Judeo-Christian-Zionist "civilization."

The alcoholic's rock bottom, "deflation at depth" is near. And so is the consequential spiritual Western resurrection.


Jewry has systematically taken control of the Fed, the petrodollar is the world’s reserve currency, hence Jewry has systematically taken control of world currency.

Who the hell let this happen? The powers that be in the GOP, supposedly the nation’s paternal party, HAD to know that the Jewish menace was taking control of the purse strings…and happily went along because they loved all that filthy lucre that Jewry was pumping out via Greenspan/Bernanke/Jewish witchdoctor economics easy money policies.

Meanwhile, Jewry was systematically taking control of the banks so that it controlled the channels of money distribution from the Fed, and could enrich itself in the process.

From within its base in the Democratic Party, Jewry literally took control of all of the monetary choking points of society, and the sh*t-for-brains, lily White GOP watched them do it.

THIS is why the answer to our problems is hard traditional Christianity with zero tolerance for Jewry, and more importantly, zero tolerance for its greedy collaborators.

Only the process of Christian naturalization has any hope whatsoever of making society allergic to the ear-whispering Jewish serpent or his non-Jewish shyster, charlatan-racket or corporate criminal racket equivalent.

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion White Nationalist websites like The Occidental Observer,and the White Nationalist movement in general, marginalizes and isolates itself to such a degree, due to taking such an extreme particularistic, chauvinistic and Xenophobic stance, that they completely render themselves ineffective as a viable, competent political movement that could be taken seriously. Honestly I don't think you could at all trust these fascist lunatics to protect or respect the freedoms and liberties of the White citizenry. They clearly have more in common with the lunatic, racist, hatemongering Zionist supremacists than they do with average White folk; or 99.999% of White people on planet earth! These White Nationalist types are the epitome of the useful idiot! Are these people really this clueless and nonsensical?!

When you really step back and look at it, it looks more and more like White Nationalism is an offshoot of racist, Jewish Zionist Nationalism. But these useful idiot White Nationalists are too busy being blissfully in love with themselves and their White skin
(Narcissism, a strong Jewish Zionist trait )that they can’t even see it.