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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm working on an analysis of Zionism as a Trojan horse for neo-fascism. Please donate at least $25 each so I can complete the article. --Chris Moore

This is a new program I'm trying to implement so I can afford to take the time to do more in-depth articles along the lines of my recent "Neolibs and neocons claim the Democratic Party is anti-Semitic when they know it's actually virulently Jewish supremacist," only longer.

The proposed article, under the working title "Zionism, Trojan horse for neo-fascism," will explore the ways in which Israel and the "plight of the Jewish people" is being manipulated by both elite Jewish Zionists and elite non-Jews as a pretext to a) scam the public into spending billions on wars and bankster bailouts; b) hide behind the smokescreen of "anti-Semitism" accusations to fend off criticism; c) destroy Islamic civilization under the auspices of "progressiveism"; and d) implement neo-fascism.

The idea is to raise $500 in donations via PayPal in increments of at least $25 dollars each (more would be great get the ball rolling faster), so I can afford to take the time away from my regular work to get the analysis researched and published.

In these difficult economic times, it's hard to justify taking the blocks of time away from my shrinking, regular-income work necessary to complete these longer articles without getting some sort of compensation in return. Isn't this one small example of exactly how the free enterprise system (which currently seems to be in the process of being overthrown on a macro level, but that's another article) should be able to at least sustain itself on a micro level? (Trying to keep the faith, here.)

As I'm sure all of you who are regulars here are well aware by now, there's no paying market for this kind of work in mainstream media, which is easily as corrupt as so many of our other institutions, if not more so.

That leaves it up to you.

If the $500 is successfully raised within a certain time horizon, I will let readers know that the project is under way. If the $500 is not raised, the project will be abandoned, and any donations earmarked for the project returned.

I will update readers regularly on the fundraising progress and with reminders of what I'm trying to do. My hope is that projects like this (donations in exchange for original output) can be a regular source of income so I can afford to spend less time money-grubbing at less important enterprises and more time working on original research and writing in these crucial times.

Thanks for your participation! Please donate at PayPal button on right hand column today...'s as easy as a couple of clicks...

...only takes a few seconds, and they take credit cards, too...

...well go on, what are you waiting for...!?! (LOL)

Regards, Chris Moore, editor

P.S. The debit to your PayPal account or credit card statement will read as paid to "Chris Moore, editor"

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