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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Crony socialists are destroying California on the way to destroying America

California Can’t Keep the Lights On 
California governor Gavin Newsom, who has to try to evade responsibility for this debacle while presiding over it, blames “dog-eat-dog capitalism” for the state’s current crisis. It sounds like he’s referring to robber barons who have descended on the state to suck it dry of profits while burning it to the ground. But Newsom is talking about one of the most regulated industries in the state — namely California’s energy utilities, which answer to the state’s public utilities commission.

Propaganda Class opposes reduction of wasteful military spending, continues to lie for war:
Reagan official says "Cut military spending." Panel of MSM war propagandists goes berserk.

Scumbag "intellectual" Propaganda Class predictable sides with Big Brother:
Paul Craig Roberts: The End Of Accountable Government Is Close At Hand
What is astonishing about the CIA’s destruction of Julian Assange is the silence of American law schools and bar associations, the silence of universities, the absence of student and labor union protests, the absence of any protection of Assange’s rights from courts as the last news organization willing and capable of holding governments accountable for their crimes is destroyed openly in full view of the law schools, intellectuals, bar associations, courts, and print and TV media.

They trust and love Big Brother/ZOG from Hollywood to the Swamp:
POLL: Brainwashed Liberals Luv The CIA Most!

Tulsi Gabbard speaks truth to power 
Embodiment of corruption and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long is an amazing accusation from a fellow Democrat. I guess when Hillary is out to destroy you why not just tell the truth as you see it? The most important idea in this statement is that the Democrat Party is sick and has been sick for a long time. Many of us can see the truth of that in our daily observations of American culture and values as fostered on us by the Democrat politicians as well as the changes brought on by stifling Soviet-style political correctness.

Tulsi Gabbard Needs To Be Stopped... She's Telling People The Truth About US Wars
The other 11 Democratic candidates on the stage during the TV debate looked agog after Gabbard’s devastating and calmly delivered statement. All the others have proffered the false narrative that US forces are in Syria to “fight terrorism”. They deplore Trump’s announcement last week to pull back US troops from northeast Syria because, they say, it will undermine the fight against Islamic State (IS or ISIS) and other Al Qaeda affiliates. They also condemn Trump for “betraying Kurdish allies” by his partial troop withdrawal.

Syria is all about ZOG's war with Iran:
Absurdity of the Neocons' Syrian Oil Narrative 
Prolonging the Syrian civil war and thus continuing the misery and suffering of the 18 million Syrians remaining in their country (including the two millions Kurds whom the Washington establishment deems to be our dearest allies) – along with the four million Syrian refugees who have fled the country – is a cynical ploy by the Washington establishment to further its geopolitical war with Iran.
The real reason the neocons want the US military to occupy Syria’s oil fields is they are still convinced they can overthrow Assad by carving out eastern Syria for the Kurds. They don’t want to keep the oil from ISIS, they want to keep it from the Syrian government. They don’t want the oil revenue to be used to help rebuild the country because they still want to make life more unbearable for the population through sanctions so they will overthrow Assad. They don’t care how many innocent civilians die... If President Trump believes following neocon advice on Syria is going to produce results different than the past eight years of following neocon advice on Syria, he’s naïve or worse.

The Sham Of Democracy
For his part, Trump, who is pretty much a naive civic nationalist, is saying sensible things about these endless conflicts. Despite his faults, his instincts on this stuff are correct most of the time. He wants out of the whole region. As he said, the biggest mistake the country made was getting involved in the Middle East. The trouble is, he is not actually in charge of anything. Two times now he has ordered troops out of Syria and we still have troops in Syria. Now we have new raids in Syria.

How The Obama Administration Set In Motion Its Coup Against Trump 
AFTER DONALD TRUMP was elected forty-fifth president of the United States, the operation designed to undermine his campaign transformed. It became an instrument to bring down the commander in chief. The coup started almost immediately after the polls closed. Hillary Clinton’s communications team decided within twenty-four hours of her concession speech to message that the election was illegitimate, that Russia had interfered to help Trump. Obama was working against Trump until the hour he left office. His national security advisor, Susan Rice, commemorated it with an email to herself on January 20, moments before Trump’s inauguration. 

Corrupt and compromised liberals cry crocodile tears for Palestinians:
Obama officials confess their sins on human rights at J Street

“We fought them on settlements every day,” Lowenstein said. Really? During the Obama administration, settlements just kept increasing all the time and the Obama administration increased military aid to Israel to an all-time high.

He committed the crime of not rubber-stamping ZOG/Big Brother:
Tucker: Not clear what 'high crime' Trump committed

THE LIST: 8 Ways the Mueller Witchhunt and Lying Schiff’s Sham Impeachment Are Identical, Corrupt and Unconstitutional
The Mueller Witchhunt and Lying Adam Schiff’s impeachment hearings of President Trump held in the basement of the Capital are very similar in numerous ways. Ultimately the Democrats, their Deep State and elites behind these events are destroying the country and the US Constitution... Here are eight ways that the Mueller Witchhunt and Lying Adam Schiff’s impeachment hearings of President Trump are similar.

NY Times Journalists Engages in Bizarre, What-If Impeachment Fantasy 
So while you read "Could Trump Serve a Second Term if Ousted? It’s Up to the Senate," just keep reminding yourself that these impeachment porn fantasies are being written by the chief Washington correspondent for the New York Times.

Biden's Intervention In Ukraine And Ukraine's 2016 Election Meddling Are Matters of Fact
Several mainstream media have made claims that Joe Biden's intervention in the Ukraine and the Ukrainian interference in the U.S. election are "conspiracy theories" and "debunked". The public record proves them wrong. By ignoring or even contradicting the facts the media create an opening for Trump to rightfully accuse them of providing "fake news".

Death of the West started with the liberation of the females to enjoy... nothingness:
LEFT OVER WOMEN and the Gigolos that Love Them

“Big Mother”: the Decline of Men and . . . Truth-telling, by Guillaume Durocher
This sort of insanity has been a long time coming. The truth is that Western civilization has been steadily feminizing for at least the last two centuries. The decline of men has become a topic of conversation on the outer edges of the mainstream media. Men’s decline has been at once biological, economic, social, and moral.

Just your average New Age Democrat:
California Congresswoman Resigns Amid Sexual Scandal With Female Staffer After Naked Pics/ Doing Drugs Released
Hill, an openly bisexual congresswoman and the vice chairwoman of the powerful House Oversight Committee, admitted Wednesday she had an “inappropriate” relationship with the female campaign staffer.

Media Ignore Unmasking of Twitter Exec as British Psyops Officer
The story did not appear at all in the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News or virtually any other mainstream national outlet. In fact, the only corporate US outlet of any note covering the news that a person deciding what you see in your Twitter feed is a foreign psyops officer was Newsweek, which published a detailed analysis from Tareq Haddad... the bombshell was also largely downplayed in the UK press as well, with only the Independent, (9/30/19), the London Times (10/2/19) and the Financial Times (9/30/19) producing reports on the news, bland and even-toned as they were. There was no other reporting of it in the national press, including in the BBC or the Guardian, the latter having already “gotten rid of everyone who seemed to cover the security services and military in an adversarial way,” according to one current employee.

(((Andrew Lack))) and his Jewish gang at NBC:
Nolte: Democrats Allow NBC's Rape Enablers to Host Upcoming Debate
Jane Wallace, a former CBS anchor who claims the then-married Lack bullied her out of her job after their affair ended; and a young associate producer named Jennifer Laird who claims Lack turned “hostile” after their affair ended.

Jewish predators and the fall of a corrupt liberal enterprise:
NBC Just Made Huge Agreement That Will Actually Take Themselves Down Through Sexual Assault Crimes
NBC has come under fire following the Oct. 15 release of Farrow’s book “Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators,” which accuses the network of silencing his report on sexual assault allegations against now-disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. The article ended up being published in The New Yorker on Oct. 10, 2017, and Farrow’s book expands on the alleged cover-up attempts by the network. Weinstein threatened to expose Lauer’s sexual assault allegations, pressuring the network into dropping the story, according to Farrow’s book.

Adam Schiff -- Jewish liar caught in a pickle:
Revealed: Adam Schiff’s Suspected Whistleblower’s Boss, Charles Kupchan, Was “Special Assistant to President Obama”
Lying Adam Schiff may have himself in a real pickle. If his CIA ‘whistleblower’ was spying on President Trump on behalf of Schiff, then they both could be held accountable for conspiracy and treason under the Espionage Act.

A Window Into Jewish Guilt, by Gilad Atzmon 
We might wonder who are the ‘naughty’ one out of ten Jews who, unlike their brethren, are not scared of their American neighbours. I suspect these are the so-called ‘self-haters,’ that infamous bunch of horrid humanist Jews who support Palestine and are disgusted by the manifold of recent Jewish #MeToo scandals and paedophilia/organised crime networks. This small minority (10%) of disobedient Jews might be disturbed by the opioid scandal that left 400.000 Americans dead, they probably know who were the prime actors in this saga of class genocide. They are likely troubled by a range of financial crimes from Madoff to Israeli banks evading US taxes, to the Israeli binary options companies that defraud American citizens

Jewish-Israeli pyramid schemer Adam Neumann:

IPOcalypse Now: How One Moron Ruined For Everyone Else
And so began the journey of WeWork nearly a decade ago. Since then, the company has grown to hundreds of locations. Yet the more successful they became, the more money they lost. The more money they lost, the more money they had to raise from investors. But the company seemed to have no problems selling billions of dollars worth of shares at progressively higher valuations.

Congressman Confronts Zuckerberg About Censoring Information on Vaccine Safety

Forcing kids to transition: two horrific cases that EVERYONE needs to know

Destruction of the West, choreographed for quick-buck profit by Globalists:
Former CEO of Scania Warns Sweden is Heading For Civil War
The former CEO of trucking company Scania has warned that Sweden is heading towards civil war due to uncontrolled mass immigration. In an interview with Swebbtv, businessman Leif Östling said that the arrival of so many new migrants who have failed to integrate into Swedish society is creating a fertile ground for violent unrest. “We’ve taken in far too many people from outside. And we have. Those who come from the Middle East and Africa live in a society that we left almost a hundred years ago,” he said.

Minneapolis: Somali Gangs Are Claiming Territory And Killing To Defend It
“Immediately following the rapid intake and resettling of Somalian refugees, crime in Minneapolis spiked,” Tore wrote.  “Abuse of government funding, murders, theft, and a variety of public menacing strongly correlate to predominantly Somali neighborhoods.” “Those arriving from Somalia are accustomed to gang related behavior since culturally tribal behavior is prevalent between clans,” she added.  “Fights and even murder in public areas are common in Somalia. Such incidents that may result in death are oddly “socially acceptable” when there is rivalry or “beef” between them.”

Constitution "outdated," claim regressive Big Brother and BC-era migrant advocating Globalists:
51% of Americans Want to End Freedom of Speech (Many Even Want Jail Time for “Hate Speech”)
Of all the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution, the First Amendment is arguably the most important. And despite the fact that we are country built on glorious dissent, a poll undertaken by the Campaign for Free Speech found that more than 51% of Americans are ready to give up the rights guaranteed by that amendment, deeming it “outdated.”

Abuse of geopolitical power by the Beltway shyster class has led to BRICS rising:
Russia, China and India to set up alternative to SWIFT payment system
Members of the BRICS trade bloc Russia, India, and China have decided to connect their financial messaging systems to bypass the SWIFT international money transfer network. Russia’s financial messaging system SPFS will be linked with the Chinese cross-border interbank payment system  CIPS. While India does not have a domestic financial messaging system yet, it plans to combine the Central Bank of Russia’s platform with a domestic service that is in development.

Italy: Mass Legalization of Migrants is Suicidal
According to projections from the UN Population Division, the population of sub-Saharan Africa will double in 30 years, adding an additional 1 billion people and accounting for more than half the global population growth between now and 2050. Italy, which already has the third-largest population of migrants in Europe, is undergoing an "unbearable" crisis, and now faces the real risk of an "Africanisation", as Stephen Smith called it in his bookThe Scramble for Europe.

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