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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Fake patriot and stooge for the rootless Globalist elites, Hillary Clinton declares Tulsi Gabbard, Donald Trump and Jill Stein Russian assets

Twitter War Breaks Out Between "Russian Asset" Tulsi Gabbard And "Warmongering Queen" Hillary Clinton
Democratic presidential candidate and Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard - who like Trump was quickly put in the crosshairs of the military industrial complex, the deep state and the pro-war Atlantic Council for her de-interventionist foreign policy - fired back at Hillary Clinton, accusing her of being behind a "concerted campaign" to destroy her reputation and challenged her to stop hiding and enter the 2020 presidential race. Earlier in the day, Hillary Clinton floated a conspiracy theory that the Russians are "grooming" the Hawaii congresswoman to be a third-party candidate in 2020, while claiming 2016 Green Party nominee Jill Stein is "also" a Russian asset.
(Hillary Clinton is part of the Jewish and Globalist clique at war with the "deplorable" middle class and military grunts. They pose as "for the people," but they act in their own 1% interests and on their own behalf.)

Tulsi Gabbard Slams CNN at Debate, Exposes the Incredible Incoherence of the Democrat Position On Syria
The war against Assad, just like the war in Libya, was a ridiculous miscalculation. Attempting to change the regime in Syria, while giving warm and fuzzies to those in the foreign policy establishment in Washington, only helped create and exacerbate a humanitarian crisis and set up a situation where we were either going to still have Assad or end up with Al Qaeda aligned Islamists taking power.

Is Putin the New King of the Middle East?, by Pat Buchanan
Our foreign policy elites have used Trump’s decision to bash him and parade their Churchillian credentials. But those same elites appear to lack the confidence to rally the nation to vote for a war to defend what they contend are vital American interests and defining American values.

Will pulling US troops out of Syria prove to be the right decision?
Since Turkey was never going to back down, Middle East pundits appeared to be arguing that Trump should actually have risked going to war with a fellow Nato member that houses American nuclear weapons at its Incirlik Air Base. Even more bizarrely, almost all the pundits and politicians are of the absurd opinion that — amid the endless cycle of war, revolution and terrorism in that cursed part of the world — we should once again foolishly see this scenario (as in Iraq and Libya) as a simple, folkloric tale of good vs evil.
(This is how the corrupt "elites" see the world -- the 1% "good" vs. the 99% "evil." The "chosen" vs. the "goyim." They are unfit for democracy.)

Why Withdrawing US Troops From Northern Syria Is GOOD
After the disastrous invasions and attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, and the 8 year undeclared war on Syria, isn’t it time to question the foreign policy elite?

Trump’s Syria withdrawal is ‘disaster’ for Israel, leaving it on its own against Iran, supporters say
For the first time Congressional Republicans broke with Trump over the move; and 129 Republicans voted to condemn the decision when the House voted by 354-60 on that resolution Wednesday. Israel featured in Congressional debate of Trump’s move. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and House Majority leader Steny Hoyer said Trump’s move endangers Israel. Rep. Lois Frankel of Florida said the decision forces the Kurds into the Iranian camp, and Israel is the loser.
(American involvement in the Mideast comes down to the Jewish nation, the Jewish lobby, and the corrupt politicians on the take from Jewish fifth column.)

Moon of Alabama - Trump Brings Troops Back Home To Saudi Arabia

Are there Israelis in the U.S. Government? ~ If anyone wonders why Israel gets away with what it does, the simple answer would be that there are just too many people at the federal level who think that serving Israel is the same as serving the United States.
Given Israel’s clearly demonstrated ability to manipulate and manage American government at all levels, there is inevitably considerable speculation about the presence of actual Israeli citizens in the federal and state bureaucracies.
(Yes. A Jewish fifth column and its corrupt stooges at war with the middle class and the American people for the Zionist agenda. But they and their rube fanboys and bought off lackeys insist they're the Chosen Ones. Zucker, Weinstein, Epstein, the Clintons and the neocon clique... all "chosen" by History and Yahweh to serve themselves; their rube fanboys chosen to be doormats and useful idiots.)

House Dems Unanimously Vote to Condemn Withdrawal From Syria
Speaker Nancy Pelosi argued that Congress not only has a “right to be informed” but should be able to make decisions on national security. That’s a bold claim, given the House has shown virtually no inclination to vote on America’s myriad other wars in recent years, and House leadership in particular has been eager to ditch even votes that are legally obligatory as too politically risky.

Progressives reject Klobuchar’s salute to Israel as ‘beacon of democracy’
(The left is divided over the Hebrew supremacist Jewish state. But the Jewish rackets provide it the most money, so it's muted on the subject.)

Ann Coulter: I Wish GOP Elites 'Cared One-Tenth as Much About Americans' as The Kurds ~ Ann Coulter touches on nearly every topic the establishment GOP refuses to talk about from their obsession with Israel to their insistence on ignoring the impact of mass immigration.

Ann Coulter: I Wish GOP Elites 'Cared One-Tenth As Much About Americans' As The Kurds
Ann Coulter gave an over hour-long interview with Eric Metaxas where she touched on nearly every topic the establishment GOP refuses to talk about from their obsession with Israel to their insistence on ignoring the impact of mass immigration. Coulter made her kind-hearted interviewer, Mr. Metaxas, squirm in his chair multiple times due to the controversial topics she kept bringing up.

Project Veritas Exposes CNN
CNN is nothing but Jewish narratives masquerading as a news network. The only thing left out here is that James O’Keefe neglects to mention that the mainstream media and social media is owned and policed by a whole tribe of Jeff Zuckers and Mark Zuckerbergs. Jews have developed an ethnic stanglehold over our media just like Indians dominate gas stations.

Democratic presidential candidates have declared war on rural America.
I’m not sure what’s more jaw-dropping — the disdain Democratic presidential candidates have for rural Americans and their values, or their willingness to make it a centerpiece of their campaign to unseat Donald Trump. Did they learn nothing from 2016?

Tulsi Gabbard: 'When I Look out at our Country, I Don't See Deplorables'
2020 White House candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) said during Tuesday’s CNN-New York Times debate that she doesn’t see “deplorables” when she meets Americans across the country.

Oak Park Trustee Susan Buchanan Tells White Trustees and Palestinian Mayor to “Shut Up!” Because they are White Men ~ This is the level of open hatred for white males that’s allowed to fester in modern society.
(Using feminists and minorities to do the bidding of elites, who laugh all the way to the bank and to Zion.)

Borders for Us, Not for You, by Tobias Langdon

Vietnam War faker Richard Blumenthal wants to make it illegal for you to criticize a fake news journalist
Rather, Sen. Douchebag’s sole objective is to shut down any criticism of Democrats currently pretending to be journalists while, of course, ingratiating himself to those prostitutes of fabrication. This is what the Garbage Party does: They invent an issue or a problem then ‘recommend’ a government solution to the problem they invented, and always with the objective of denying Americans more of their freedom.

ABC uses 2016 footage from a gun range display to represent the fighting in Syria

ABC News Refuses to Issue On-Air Correction to Fake 'Turkish Bombing' Vid They Showed to Millions
ABC News is refusing to issue an on-air correction to the fake video they put out twice which they claimed showed "Turkey's military bombing Kurd civilians" after being "abandon[ed]" by President Trump.

Journalists Are Prostitutes, by Paul Craig Roberts

This is the chart the MSM doesn’t want us to see.

Why is the Daily Caller Shilling for the Refugee Industry? ~ What good is it if we have “right wing” media doing propaganda for Open Borders Inc?

Fait Accompli: The Zionist New World Order ~ A Recapitulation.

The Tyranny of Minorities ~ When minorities rule, nations strangle and die.

Tulsi Gabbard ~ The only candidate, perhaps the only politician in the US, who is telling the American public exactly what they need to know about what their government and military are really up to.

Leaked U.S. Military Manual for Policing Homeland Internment Camps for Political Dissidents

A Texas Mayor Defends the Constitution from Sharia Law

Is the New World Order a Jewish Conspiracy? No, it’s a Satanic Conspiracy
No, it’s not a Jewish conspiracy, not exactly … it only appears to be so because the inner core of those hiding behind Jews are Zionists, and the inner core of Zionism is Sabbatean-Frankism, a Satanic cult which exploits Jews to achieve its own ends.
(But what percentage of Jews are Zionists? What percentage are Zionist-like cultists? What percentage see themselves as entitled/persecuted Chosenites? The people is corrupt, the identity is corrupt. Their own holy book says the Hebrew people are "prone to evil," and their predilection has manifested in great evil.)

Take a BIG guess why most flu shots are free
The flu shot is free because it nearly guarantees decreased cognition, critical thinking ability and systemic immune defense. The flu shot is free because it nearly guarantees you and your children will need to visit a “doc-in-the-box” 24-hour clinic near you or even an emergency room, while suffering from high fever, diarrhea, chills, and malnutrition. The flu shot is free because it’s the fulcrum of the Allopathetic health Ponzi scheme that makes you sicker, even if you don’t catch the flu.

California adds 15 new gun-related laws including a much more broadly defined 'red flag' law
One of the bills, which expands a so-called “red flag” law to allow co-workers, employers and educators to seek gun violence restraining orders against firearms owners they fear are a danger to themselves and others, was vetoed twice by Newsom’s predecessor, Jerry Brown.

Exposed: LeBron James' Finacial Interests in Communist China Run Deep
Fox Business examined LeBron’s financial dealings and interests with China, and found that the NBA superstar has both merchandising and entertainment ventures that could suffer serious consequences from a prolonged rift with the communist nation.

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