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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Trump now sees the liberal-neocon traps and how they will burn him. He’s begun changing course on issues like Iran, Syria and Ukraine. This is why he's being targeted.

Luongo: Is Trump The Dude To Break The Woke?
I think Trump now sees the traps set for him and how badly they will boomerang on him this election season. He’s begun changing course on issues like Iran, Syria and, yes, Ukraine. And for this he is now being targeted, quite amateurishly, for removal from office.

Luongo: Are These The Five Tweets That Change The World?
(In so many words, Trump informs the neocons and Israelis their delusional, grandiose, messianic wars, schemes and fantasies are over.)

(((Schumer))) threatens Trump for the deep state cabal: "Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you." So now they're getting back at him for what? Implementing America First instead of toxic Empire and Israel First.

Trump Pointedly (And Finally) Suggests IC ‘Framed’ Him, Media Meltdowns Ensue
Let that sink in. The President of the United States — and for increasingly valid reasons — is saying that the intelligence community under his predecessor framed him as a treasonous colluder. All of this would indicate that the investigation into the origins of Russia collusion is nearing an end and it’s not looking great for Democrats and the legacy employees of those same agencies that make up the broader IC. So they’ve gone back to their old playbook.

Among those objecting most loudly to an American withdrawal from the forever wars of the Middle East are those who were the most enthusiastic about plunging us in. And, yes, there is a price to be paid for letting go of an empire, but it is almost always less than the price of holding on.

Washington Loses its Mind Over Announcement to Move Troops in Syria

Republicans and Democrats Come Together in Support of Endless War
(Trump can't win in the eyes of the corrupt, alien political class, who will have the U.S. at war forever. Thankfully, as Commander in Chief, he's only accountable to American voters and U.S. troops.)

Onward Christian Soldier: Imagining a Pence Presidency
Whether it’s in 2024 or sooner, President Pence in the Oval Office would be a dream come true for establishment Republicans and war hawk neocons alike. Trump-style “America First” nationalism would be dead on arrival, in its place the zombified corpse of globalism.
(The coalition from hell  -- a sick and corrupt, warped-liberal political class and MSM, neocons, and Judeo-Christian Zionist fanatics. A recipe for a return to disaster.)

Buckley conservatism [neoconsevatism] was never deeply rooted in social philosophy and this was a deliberate act. The Buckleyites wanted a create a political movement that could compete with Progressives. In order to do that it meant winning elections and that meant providing a practical platform for governance. As a result, Buckley conservatism was always a compromise. In order to fashion a practical political platform, it meant deviating from conservative dogma as necessity required.
(Buckley castigated his own father as an "anti-Semite." Tells you all you need to know about his orientation.)

HILLARY: Put Constitution in '20th-century paper shredder' if can't impeach Trump
(Always looking for any excuse to shred the Constitution and its protections for American citizens.)

The Ad That CNN Wouldn’t Run
(Goes straight to the heart of MSM and Dem collusion to impeach Trump to cover up their corruption.)

Some New Interesting Facts about Ukraine and Trump You Won't Find Elsewhere
(Trump digs into Ukrainian corruption and Dem connection.)

Why the WOKE Establishment Hates Joker - Paul Joseph Watson 

Hundreds Of Transgender Young People Who Had Gender Surgery Seeking Help to 'Detransition'
(They listened to sick liberal and quick buck artists looking to conduct social and medical experiments and make money doing it. It was the biggest mistake of their lives.)

Black Americans revolt Against the democratic party
(Factions of blacks realize their liberal masters are evil people, and are slowly leaving the Democrat welfare state plantation.)

A new peer reviewed study by Danish academics has found that ethnic diversity has a negative impact on communities because it erodes trust. It may be politically correct, but has no basis in actual reality.

Michelle Malkin is EXTREMELY BRAVE for Talking About This
(Rothschild Jew corruption, open borders agenda, human trafficking, profiteering on flesh.)

Federal Reserve’s Latest Bailouts More Proof Bad Times Ahead, by Ron Paul 
The next crash will likely lead to the end of the fiat money system, along with the entire welfare-warfare state. Those of us who understand the Fed is the cause of, not the solution to, our problems must redouble our efforts to educate our fellow citizens on sound economics and the ideas of liberty.

What's Holding Up the Market? ~ Fed policies effectively replace capitalism (investing capital productively and accepting risk) with creditism, a debt-dependent speculative system that transfers risk to the Fed and the taxpayers (i.e. profits are private, losses are socialized).

Jacques Attali’s Message to the Gentiles: “Sovereignism” Is Anti-Semitism and a Jewish-Muslim Alliance Must Shut It Down, by Guillaume Durocher
“Sovereignism is nothing but the new name of anti-Semitism. Jews and Muslims, who are both threatened by it, must unite against the fantasies of the great replacement.”
(After the Zionists attempted to exterminate Islam and got caught, a Rothschild Jew is trying to cozy up to Muslims and direct the angry Islamist beast against whites. He'll fail.)

Fake "liberal" Rothschild Jews like the New York Times and Thomas Friedman continue to expose themselves as raging Zionists

Soros now banned from 6 countries
(From the Philippines to Poland, the nation-wrecking Rothschild Jew is unwanted and officially unwelcome.)

Saudi Arabia being sued for 9/11 attacks by victims' families
(The dominoes are starting to fall on the 9/11 inside job.)

The FBI’s ‘Dancing Israelis’ Investigation Reveals Israeli Foreknowledge of 9/11

Viktor Orbán calls for repatriation quotas in Rome
(Far from accepting refugee quotas dictated by Soros and the EU, he wants to repatriation quotas for sending them home.) 

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