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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Split between Wall Street and Main Street grows: International bankers side with China while corporate America moves the other way

Globalist Golden Bull Wall Street bankers vs. America First:
Jamie Dimon and Larry Fink tout ‘corporate responsibility’ while betting on a totalitarian regime.

Judeofascists have infiltrated America:
7 Things You Should Know About the Evangelical Deep State
2017 was the year of the deep state, a year when the inner workings of the American system were exposed to the world and we realized that what we thought was a government of the people, by the people, and for the people is in fact no such thing. Instead of being headed by elected politicians who embody the general will, as James Madison intended, much of the American political system is instead controlled by shadowy elites and their hired officials who engineer the American system with minimal accountability to voters.

War is Peace, says neocon Bush:
George W. Bush, Whose Wars Cost 480K Lives, Says Trump Is Bad For ‘Global Peace’
Former President George W. Bush, who led the United States into wars across the Middle East at a cost of at least 480,000 lives, including thousands of Americans, teamed up with former President Bill Clinton to attack President Trump on Wednesday, arguing that wars are necessary “for the sake of peace.”

Death Star oligarchy's expansion plans:
CFR: The U.S. Needs More Mass Migration, Bigger Welfare State
Under the pretext of responding to the obvious changes coming in the years ahead, the CFR — a leading Deep State institution in America that has dominated foreign policy for generations — is pushing what critics warned was a dangerous scheme to expand the power of government. The plan also advances globalism at every level of society, a key goal of the CFR dating back to its founding... Globalist notions of “free trade” and mass migration are at the heart of the agenda. “Openness to trade and immigration are vital for maintaining U.S. technological leadership,” the CFR report says.

A Deep Dive into New Underworld Order Hegelian Dialectic With Antony Sutton
Hegel’s quote that “being is not more than non-being” gives one a good sense of how he viewed the person. The state requires complete obedience from the individual citizen. To Hegel, an individual does not exist for himself in these so-called organic systems but only to perform a role in the operation of the state. He finds freedom only in obedience to the state. This begs a question: Who or what is the state? Obviously, it’s a self-appointed elite. “Elite” is Sutton’s term. We use “kakistocracy.”

Matt Taibbi: Everyone Is a Russian Asset. America laughed at Hillary Clinton’s insane remarks about Tulsi Gabbard, but her ideas fit perfectly with mainstream Neoliberal Corporate Dems
Hillary Clinton is nuts. She’s also not far from the Democratic Party mainstream, which has been pushing the same line for years.
Tulsi Gabbard: This is what's so dangerous about Hillary Clinton

‘Coffins off the plane’ — Dems split on Forever Wars
Trump is clearly putting down markers here, making political headway lately with strong antiwar rhetoric. He says his biggest applause line comes when he says he is bringing troops home... He continually assailed the decision to go into Iraq — which Joe Biden supported — and even attacked the “military industrial complex.” The speech echoed his speeches of three years ago blaming Hillary Clinton for fostering war and chaos across the Middle East. That stance arguably won him the more war-affected states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and with them the election. But the Democratic interventionists are all in.

Newsbud: Syria: War is Good for Business?
(The illegal business of organ harvesting for the benefit of the decrepit, depraved and diseased oligarchy.)

David Stockman - Up In Smoke: The Neocon Assault on Syria Is Finally Over 
Having never voted for Washington’s pointless, illegal and destructive fomenting of Syria’s calamitous civil war in the first place, as the constitution requires, the bipartisan congressional mob actually had the gall to vote to keep US forces in the middle of a centuries old Kurd/Turk conflict that has zero implications – and we mean as in none, nichts and nada – for the security and safety of the American homeland.

We poured weapons into Syria– but only to good guys, the ‘NYT’ explains
(Doing the bidding of ZOG Death Star and Israel, the NY Times conveniently forgets Obama's atrocities in order to discredit Trump's withdrawal.)

President Trump gave a triumphant statement from the White House on Wednesday, claiming despite widespread criticism that while his decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria led to a "short-term outburst," it resulted in a "great outcome."

The Deep State is doing nothing wrong, according to their Talmudist ethics:
High-placed federal law enforcement sources dropped a bombshell, claiming the renewed push to impeach the president is rooted, in part, in President Trump’s move to pull the United States out of the conflict in Syria — and stop untold millions in dirty cash from flowing into the deep state’s pockets.

How Many Millions of Tax Dollars do the Refugee Contractors Suck Out of Your Wallets Annually? ~ There are nine federally-funded refugee resettlement contractors with a few hundred subcontractors working under them.

Fake "scienitific" Neolibs work for the oligarchy, not the people:
How Democrats Became The Party Of Monopoly And Corruption
Within academic and political institutions, Americans were taught to believe their longing for freedom was immoral. Power was re-centralizing on Wall Street, in corporate monopolies, in shopping malls, in the way they paid for the new consumer goods made abroad, in where they worked and shopped. Yet policymakers, reading from the scripts prepared by Chicago School of Economics "experts," spoke of these changes as natural, "scientific," a result of consumer preferences, not the concentration of power.

Jewish bankster oligarch, sugar daddy of the left-Globalists:
Report: George Soros Gave $300k to Italian Radicals in 2017 to Promote Immigration
The former national secretary of the Italian Radicals has confirmed his party received $298,000 in 2017 from George Soros’ Open Society foundations for the purpose of promoting international immigration.

Son of Soros:
"Gangsters Of New York" - Soros’ Son Gathers Obama, Holder and McAuliffe to Benefit Redistricting of New York
Soros, 34, invited the usurper, his accomplice, Eric “Fast & Furious – Let’s Brainwash People About Guns” Holder and former disgraced Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to his New York City home for a party to benefit the National Democratic Redistricting Committee in support of redistricting the state of New York.

So, because they have no other way to deal with the damning evidence of their utter incompetence, our elite instead tries to convince us that we are crazy for noticing just how lame they are. That’s called “gaslighting,” the straight-faced denial of what’s happening right in front of you that tries to leverage your politeness and deference to convince you that it’s not the elite that’s rotten. You’re just crazy for noticing, you crazed crazy person of craziness.

The board bungle behind WeWork's fall
Remember, SoftBank had two directors on the WeWork board. But then decided, more than a year later, that it had to bring in Marcelo Claure to figure out what was really going on. What were those directors doing all this time?
(Bought off by corrupt Jew Neumann?)

The shameless, Globalist greed of the infiltrated NBA and Commissioner (((Adam Silver))):
China, The NBA, And The Massive Face Of Globalism
When the NBA commissioner and several players talk about loving their Chinese fans, they’re referring to victims of long-term terrorism. And if you press the NBA people on that point, they say, “We just want to play basketball, we just want the games.”

Judeofascist-run NBC:
Chuck Todd Caught Bragging About Suppressing News From NBC Viewers

So what we have here is a purported NEWSman admitting he is hiding NEWS from the public, and not just any NEWS, but words spoken by the most consequential figure in the world: the President of the United States. Here’s the bottom line… Chuck Todd is so insecure, he attacks the president, but he won’t let us hear what he is attacking the president for. This is not the behavior of a NEWSman; it is the behavior of a propagandist, a corporate-funded fascist.

CNN Propagandist (((Jeff Zucker))):
President Donald Trump seemed to suggest on Tuesday that he had heard rumors CNN President Jeff Zucker would resign in a tweet that claimed that the cable news network was a “virtual fraud.”
Racist (((CNN))) and its chief propagandist (((Jeff Zucker))) only cover white gun violence:
CNN Continues to Bury Itself With Its Own Words
Among the disturbing news found in the Project Veritas series is the admission by a CNN staffer that the network exhibits a racial bias in its coverage of shootings... It’s a shame, too. Because constant network coverage of this type of gang violence might actually spur some change in the cities affected by it

All anti-Zionists are white supremacists, say racist Zionists. Oh yea, and only Jews can save the Palestinians:
Batya Ungar-Sargon links anti-Zionists to David Duke and synagogue murders
Ungar-Sargon also made these claims: 97 percent of Jews are Zionists 

The Sound of Shoes Dropping in the Night
The New York Times story on this turn of events Friday morning is a lame attempt to rescue former FBI Director Jim Comey by pinning the blame for RussiaGate on the CIA, shoving CIA John Brennan under the bus. The Times report says: “Mr. Durham has also asked whether C.I.A. officials might have somehow tricked the F.B.I. into opening the Russia investigation.” There’s the next narrative for you. Expect to hear this incessantly well into 2020: “We wuz tricked!” I wonder if there is any way to hold the errand boys-and-girls in the news media accountable for their roles as handmaidens in what will be eventually known as a seditious coup to overthrow a president.

House Republicans Storm Adam Schiff's Secret Impeachment Room
“Behind those doors they intend to overturn the results of an American presidential election. We want to know what is going on,” Gaetz said during a press conference beforehand.

Progress From Congress--Watch GOP Lawmakers Storm Secretive Impeachment Hearing In Capitol Basement

Newt Gingrich weighs in on Dems' closed-door impeachment hearings
"This system of a secret hearing was outlawed in 1641, because it inherently to the advantage of the state to crush the individual."
(Corrupt, regressive Dems and corrupt, regressive ZOG using government for their totalitarian agenda.)

Hypocrite Joe Biden Used The Word 'Lynching' During Clinton Impeachment
However, there is just one problem for the former Vice President. He used the exact same term in 1998 during the impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton... As usual with Democrats, it is one rule for me and another for thee. The partisan outrage aimed at President Trump by the liberal-left is getting harder and harder to take seriously.

BREAKING: NY Times Announces That AG Barr Opens CRIMINAL Investigation Into Russiagate Hoax

Identity Politics: The Dirty Game We Must Play | Wrestling Collectivism Back From The Left
(For nationalism!)

Globalist Pope:

Father Can't Stop His Ex-Wife from Giving Their Son Puberty Blockers
Anne Georgulas, the mother of the two boys, has advocated for James to transition into Luna and has strongly backed the idea of chemically castrating her son and beginning hormone replacement therapy. The ruling on Wednesday will prevent Jeffrey from having sole custody of his children and paves the way for Georgulas to proceed with the procedure.

Kellogg’s Launches New Breakfast Cereal to Promote Sodomy and Gender Confusion to Children

More on the Quincy Institute: Don’t Mention Israel ~ "The Lobby plays with hundreds of millions of dollars annually, costs the U.S. taxpayer billions in various free rides for the Jewish state ..."

(((Facebook))) Donates $2.5 million to (((ADL))) ~ Two incredibly powerful, Jewish-run organizations, Facebook and the ADL, working hand in hand to “combat hate” and “fight against bigotry” – this is America in a nutshell these days.
Facebook, one of the world’s leading internet giants that is owned and controlled by left-leaning Jews like Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, recently announced it would be donating $2.5 million to the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish supremacist organization dedicated to shutting down the First Amendment, eliminating criticism and factual statements about Jewish power and influence in the world, and promoting homosexuality, transgenderism, and massive Third World immigration into America.

Depraved Weinstein and Zionist Mossad, working together:
Tucker Speaks with Ex-NBC Producer on How Mossad Allegedly Tapped his Phones to Cover for Weinstein

Good News Wednesday: SWEDISH Women Moving Right, RUSSIA Welcome 15000 South African Farmers

Sweden Democrats now most popular party among trade union members
However, because Social Democrats have abandoned their LO base by importing hundreds of thousands of welfare-dependent migrants who refuse to integrate, it’s no surprise that LO members would seek representation elsewhere.
(The bait-and-switch that the left-Globalists used to lure and manipulate the working class whites into supporting them for "their own economic security" has been detected. There is no security or economic gain from swamping your nation with migrants, only get-rich-quick profits for the Neolibs.)

Jews Now Condemning Angela Merkel For Flooding Germany With Violent 'Antisemitic' Muslims
Jews know many White Europeans are waking up to the destruction of the continent through Third World immigration, so now the Jews want to distance themselves from Merkel who will be scapegoated for it, even though she did it to please them.

Stalinist Show Trial of Julian Assange Is Underway In England
In Place of a Justice System, Britain Has a Torture Regime Designed to Produce Results Comparable to Stalin’s Show Trials. The Illegality of the British Justice System Is Now Obvious to All.

A Drug Cartel Just Defeated The Mexican Military In Battle
The southwest U.S. border might be quieter now than it was this spring at the height of the migrant crisis, but south of the Rio Grande the Mexican state is disintegrating.

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