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Monday, October 07, 2019

Elite Replacement Theory: Toward a benevolent nationalist international

Elite Replacement Theory: Toward a benevolent nationalist international
It is my argument that an "Elite Replacement Event" may well be underway, made manifest in that seminal year 2016 with the phenomena of Trump and Brexit. Yes, these events are often characterised as populist uprisings, but that is an oversimplification, as any uprising always needs cooperation from above. There is a very real possibility that an exciting new nationalist elite is rising to gain dominance and control over our nations and, most importantly, over elite circles of power and hegemony—in short to re-grasp the very reigns of Grand History itself to take a whip-hand in its own destiny!
(Is ZOG being disposed of by the European Old Guard to prevent extinction of the European man?)

Surplus Value Of Diversity
Harvard’s systematic discrimination against Whites and Asians was, according to the law, not discrimination against Whites and Asians. In addition to reaffirming the second-class status of Whites and Asians, she wrote, “It is somewhat axiomatic at this point that diversity of all sorts, including racial diversity, is an important aspect of education.” How much diversity is a good thing and how much diversity is too much? There’s no doubt that someone like the judge in this case would reflexively respond that there can never be too much diversity, as diversity is an unalloyed good. There’s also no doubt that like every other diversity fanatic, the judge has organized her life to be around as little diversity as possible. 

(Liberal elite "diversity" is code for diabolical scheme to breed Africans with Europeans and Asians, destroy European and Asian competitors, and turn us all into an Arab-like, mixed-breed Tower of Babble, easily controlled with an iron rod by the Zionists.)

Paul Craig Roberts: Compelling Proof of the Coup Plot Against Trump
Proof that [Jew] Rod Rosenstein, former Deputy Attorney General, was an Organizer of the Treasonous Plot to Unseat President Trump

The imminent collapse of Adam Schiff’s “whistleblower” hoax will devastate Dems in 2020 and beyond
It’s all staged. Everything pushed by the Democrats, the tech giants and the media is theater for your mind. Everything is a false narrative, a hoax or a false flag operation. Nothing they tell you is rooted in reality. 
(Hence the criminal imperative for "Globalism.")

John Bolton’s Revenge Tour
For Bolton, the real danger is that Tehran will take its cues from Pyongyang. In the Boltonian view, time is always on the side of the “proliferators.” Trump may have been willing to obliterate Barack Obama’s nuclear deal, but that was a matter of personal grudge, not policy conviction... Bolton, unlike other ghosts of regime change past, does not regret Iraq.
(Bolton is a ZOG made-man.)

As Prominent Republicans Betray Trump, The Media Urges Americans To Get Ready For "President Mike Pence"
(Propaganda Class and their Neocon allies desperate to get rid of Trump by hook or by crook.)

Antifa thug gets 18 months for nearly killing Trump supporter

Pro-Trump comedian Terrence K. Williams says Twitter sent him 'hateful conduct warning' on day of White House visit
(How to intimidate free speech.)

Blue collar voters fear the Democrats have abandoned them
Hillary Clinton ignored that constituency at her peril. In Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania she failed to earn enough labor votes (winning just 51%, down from Obama’s near 60%) and lost the 2016 election. Three years later, the party still hasn’t figured out if it wants these voters or not. Some blue-collar voters, meanwhile, don’t want Trump, but they also don’t want a Democratic Party, which they have built and supported — often blindly — since the 1930s, to cede control to a radical left-wing flank. 
(Dem Neolib elites using socialist useful idiots in attempt to destroy blue collar whites and the middle class, and impose their totalitarian elite vision.)

Tulsi Gabbard says she would drop charges against Julian Assange, and pardon Edward Snowden

How An Ever Sanctioning Superpower Is Losing Its Status
(The U.S. is sanctioning the world, and making itself irrelevant in the process.)

California to "Solve" Homeless Problem by Throwing Homeless People in Prison
(What does the Bolshevik vanguard elite do with the surplus population? Dispatch it to the Gulag.)

The Epidemic of Police Violence Against Blacks: A Persistent Myth

Colleges Create AI to Identify 'Hate Speech' – Turns Out Minorities Are the Worst Offenders
(The black underclass is being cultivated to enforce totalitarianism.)

I am not violent person
(Blacks committed 90 percent of interracial felonies and whites less than 10 percent. But somehow "white racism" is the problem, according to the propaganda class MSM.)

Sara Bronfman Igtet - the Nxivm Criminal Who Got Away
(Another billionaire Jewess walks free.)

The Real Saudi-Israeli Relations: a once-covert alliance between Israel and Arab Gulf monarchies and the Trump administration’s election-year hope to normalize it
(The hidden Zionist-Wahhabi alliance goes back to at least as far as their 9/11 inside job.)

Saudi Arabia Ramped Up Multi-Million 'Foreign Influence Operation' After Khashoggi’s Death. Everyone in Washington can be bought. That's why America is in such a mess.

Iran Is China’s Secret Weapon for Killing off the US Dollar’s Global Reserve Status
(ZOG has foolishly driven Iran into the arms of China.)

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