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Friday, August 06, 2010

Dishonest Obama and his radical Big Government administration are sinking like a stone in public approval polls

Why Obama will soon fall to 30% range of public approval

(Conservative Examiner) by Anthony G. Martin

Never before in the history of modern public approval surveys has a President taken such a dramatic nosedive in the polls. A recent group of daily surveys by Rasmussen shows Obama hovering around 41-42% approval for his job performance. Merely 18 months ago Obama garnered a 70% advantage.

At the present rate of slippage he will soon be in the dismal and politically dangerous 30% range.

(Photo by Jeff Haynes/Getty Images).

This will place him roughly in the same range as George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. Historically such a dismal rating means big trouble for the Party of the President in midterm elections.

The deeper issue, however, revolves around the reasons for Obama's nosedive in the polls.

Under normal circumstances political punditry maintains that factors in the economy are the driving force of a President's popularity. While the assertion is valid, this time around there are many other crucial factors at play that will continue to haunt this President.

First, the economy is admittedly very bleak. Today the headlines scream the problem. The jobless figures for July rose by 131,000. But an even bleaker picture emerged as the government admitted today that it had revised the jobless rate for June. The private sector lost 221,000 jobs in June, NOT the 125,000 as previously reported.

Due to the government's deft sleight-of-hand techniques in making these calculations, the jobless picture looks much better than it is. The actual unemployment figure stands at 21.5% when the underemployed and those who have stopped looking for work out of discouragement are counted.

The economic outlook provides no reason for optimism that the unemployment picture will improve any time soon--a bad omen for Obama and the Democrats in November.

Second, Obama's problem with the public concerning the bad unemployment figures is intensified by his deceptive, misleading, and outright false rhetoric. Government economists proclaimed months ago that the 'recession is over.' Obama and his minions have taken to the highways of America to announce with glee that the 'recovery is underway, the economy is improving, the stimulus plan was a success, and that we are on the right road.'

None of this is true, and that is the source of much of the growing public dissatisfaction with Obama. Americans are realizing they have been duped, sold a bill of goods with promises that the massive program of government bailouts, stimulus packages, and meddling in the private sector would create jobs and bring us out of the worst economic downturn since Jimmy Carter. None of this has happened, and in fact, the economy has gotten much worse since Obama took office.

Obama clearly has a credibility problem in the eyes of the public.

Third, citizens are waking up to the fact that this is a government of extremists who are far outside the American mainstream. The confirmation of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday is a perfect case in point. Kagan is clearly a Leftwing ideologue who has attacked free speech, free expression under the First Amendment, gun rights, the U.S. military, and those who wish to stop the barbaric procedure known as 'partial birth abortion.'

But Kagan is merely the tip of the iceberg...MORE...LINK

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