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Friday, August 06, 2010

In left-liberal media and the militant Black community, are unproven "racism" allegations enough rationale to justify massacre of Whites?

Were "Racists" Responsible for Hartford Massacre?
(The New American) -- by R. Cort Kirkwood --

After Omar Thornton murdered eight people at Hartford Distributors in Connecticut before turning his gun on himself, the major media quickly began looking for excuses to explain the heinous crime.

Thornton, who was black, opened fire on coworkers on August 3 after a meeting at which officials of the beer distributorship gave him the choice to resign or be fired for theft. Thornton signed the letter. Then he opened fire.

Yet the major media quickly injected the question of whether "racists" at the company were torturing Thornton, sending him into a justifiable rage. As Steve Sailer at put it, "Did The Hartford Massacre Victims Have It Coming?"

The Christian Science Monitor ran this headline over a follow-up story about the case: "Is racism at heart of Connecticut shooting? Answer still unclear." The CBS News website carried this one: "I Killed The Five Racists." A headline in the New York Daily News ran thusly: "Kristi Hannah, girlfriend of Omar Thornton, recalls gunman's goodbye, racism concerns."

Those stories showcased Thornton’s girlfriend and family expanding upon that theme. They accused the company of permitting employees to conduct an unremitting campaign of racial harassment. Reported the Monitor, "Reports indicate that, to Thornton at least, race was an issue at Hartford Distributors. He told friends and relatives that coworkers had scrawled racist epithets on a bathroom wall and a hung a stick-figure effigy in a miniature noose."...

Thornton’s uncle unburdened himself to the CBS affiliate, WFSB: "He said, ‘I killed the five racists that was there bothering me,’ He said, ‘That’s it. The cops are going to come in so I'm going to take care of it myself.’"

"This all could have been avoided," Holliday said. "He went to the union a couple of times with issues concerning what was going on, and it was not dealt with appropriately."

The problem? Not one news organization has published any hard evidence that any of these accusations against the company, its union, or its employees is true.

As the Associated Press reported, "Brett Hollander, whose family owns the distributorship, told the Associated Press, ‘I can assure you there has never been any racial discrimination at our company.’ And a union official said Thornton had not filed a complaint of racism with the union or any government agency."

The company’s union leader told the Hartford Courant "they had no record of any complaints filed by Thornton based on racial harassment. He said there would have been an immediate investigation of the complaint if one had been made. ‘There was no complaint of any kind like what was communicated [by Thornton's family].’"

As well, and perhaps most importantly, the company caught Thornton redhanded. Reported the AP, "Thornton had been caught on videotape stealing beer, Teamsters official Christopher Roos said. ‘It’s got nothing to do with race,’ Roos said. 'This is a disgruntled employee who shot a bunch of people.’...MORE...LINK

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