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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Neoconned GOP as epitomized by McCain, Graham and their millions of "conservative" useful idiots complete flakes on immigration

Birthright Citizenship: Moving the Goalposts
(Occidental Dissent) -- by Hunter Wallace --

Around 2005, there was a massive purge of commentators on Free Republic who were too critical of the Bush administration on illegal immigration. “Jim Rob” was banning veteran posters left and right for trashing the White House.

It was around this time that George W. Bush and Congress agreed to build the border fence. In a memorable public relations stunt, Bush deployed the National Guard to the Mexican border to salvage his credibility on immigration.

By then it was too late.

The GOP took the “thumpin” in the 2006 midterm elections. The Democrats regained control of Congress. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer savored their victory that memorable night.

How the times have changed.

The “bigots” didn’t shut up. They won.

In 2010, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Jon Kyl, and Lindsey Graham are now on record supporting holding constitutional hearings to end birthright citizenship. A previously “extremist position” has entered the mainstream.

Are the conversions of John McCain and Lindsey Graham to ending birthright citizenship genuine? Of course not.

They are merely politicians with their fingers in the wind. If John McCain had not changed his position on immigration, he would be losing his Senate seat to J.D. Hayworth right now.

A political earthquake has shifted the ground underneath the feet of the Republican leadership. In order to survive, they have been forced to adapt and repudiate their former liberal positions on immigration. This can be seen across the conservative spectrum from Free Republic to the U.S. Senate.

Arizona’s precipitous action is having a domino effect in other states. Virginia is now following in Arizona’s footsteps. Utah, South Carolina, and Oklahoma are poised to act...MORE...LINK

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