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Sunday, August 29, 2010

How liberals and capitalists are employing globalism to destroy Western Civilization (in a few easy steps)

Turkish cops to patrol German streets battling ethnic crime?

( -- by RT


Chris Moore comments:

A Turkish citizenry, a Turkish police force, a Turkish long will it be before Turkish separatists demand total autonomy and their own sovereign territory within Germany?

From America to Germany and throughout Europe, the liberals and capitalists who encourage all of this globalization insanity are nothing but short-term thinkers and greedy, self-serving, nihilistic agents of chaos and balkanization.

A strong Christian consciousness (and that's CHRISTIAN, not "Judeo-Christian") would put an end to all of this nonsense pronto...which is why the liberals and capitalists fight against it tooth and nail, and work together by using globalism to put the final nail in Western Civilization's coffin.

They're only cutting they're own throats, and everyone else's in the process. They should be hoisted upon their own petards via Christian populism in conjunction with libertarian nationalism.


J. Williams said...


Your identification of the problems we face is excellent, but your solution of a Christian consciousness falls flat.

What are those of us to do who see the problems you do, of liberalism, globalism, immigration, and Judeofascism, but can't believe in gods, the Easter bunny, or other fantasies lacking for evidence?

Don't get me wrong. Some ideals taught by Christianity, like kindness, compassion, and forgiveness, are wonderful. But embracing the existence of a hidden god who does not answer prayer, despite scriptural promises to the contrary, is every bit as much a waste of time as other divide-and-conquer indulgences foisted upon us by our enemies.

Chris Moore said...

Prayers are answered over years and decades, not overnight.

Christianity is the foundation of Western Civilization. There is no civilization or ideology more just and successful for the masses under its shelter in the history of man.

Have faith in Western Civilization, have faith in Christianity, show faith in both.

Money-worshippers (capitalists) and left-liberals are neither representative of Western Civilization nor Christianity; their avarice, self-absorption and egomania prevent them from comprehending it -- even many who loudly proclaim themselves Christians. Their warmongering and white knuckle narcissism holds us all back, and destroys our good reputation worldwide. This is irrational and self-destructive of them. Sadly, it is deliberate sabotage as well, born of their vanity.

They’ll never comprehend reason nor Western Civilization until they see the light. Until that time, they are vicious enemies and should be regarded as such.