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Monday, November 07, 2011

Americans no longer believe their War Party government and its lies any more than citizens in defunct Soviet Union ended up believing theirs

War and the Word Cloud

Why the usual war propaganda won’t save the American empire
( -- by Justin Raimondo --

An alleged “nuclear weapons” site in Syria has been revealed to be a textile factory – and another of the War Party’s tall tales is debunked. To those of a skeptical mindset – i.e., nearly anyone outside of Washington – this throws fresh doubt on the claim that the Israeli raid on a supposed Syrian nuclear weapons facility at Deir ez Zour, in 2007, destroyed anything more dangerous than an empty warehouse.

The War Party doesn’t give up quite so easily, however: now we are being told that the International Atomic Energy Administration (IAEA), the UN’s nuclear watchdog agency, has a new report coming out with satellite photos of a supposed nuclear facility in Iran – just as in the case of the two Syrian sites.

Get out your bullshit detector, press the “on” button, and watch it light up like a fourth of July fireworks display.

This latest “evidence” of a nuclear threat emanating from the general direction of Iran and its allies is based on “leaks” supposedly coming out of the IAEA: we don’t even have the actual report, and yet there is a concerted campaign to create the impression that the “evidence” is conclusive. By the time we get to see what is really in the IAEA’s dossier, the Iranians are judged to be guilty no matter what it says.

And, of course, it’s just a coincidence that, right at this very moment, the US Justice Department is accusing an alcoholic used car salesman of being at the center of an alleged Iranian plot to carry out terrorist activities – including bombing a restaurant and assassinating the Saudi ambassador – in Washington, D.C.

Of course it is. To believe otherwise is to indulge in “conspiracy theories.”

Frantic and grasping at straws, the War Party is flinging as much ordure at the wall as it can muster, hoping that at least some of it will stick. As any propagandist worth his salt will tell you, the propagation of a lie, no matter how many times it’s debunked [.pdf], is a useful exercise. As the complexity of the allegations – involving technical questions requiring scientific expertise – grow, a general impression is created: a “word cloud” that hangs over the intended target, and rationalizes military action in spite of the completely bogus nature of the charges.

It’s volume over verification simply because the public has neither the time nor the inclination to look too closely at the evidence. That’s our job, here at, but there’s just one big problem: the faster we debunk their lies, the faster the War Party comes up with new ones. A veritable deluge of deception pours forth from their propaganda mills 24/7 – and they have tremendous resources at their disposal.

Yet the militarists have an even bigger problem, these days, and that is the growing de-legitimization of government in the eyes of the American public. A recent poll has a whopping 80 percent distrusting the federal government and all its pronouncements and works. As in the case of the old Soviet order, people simply assume, from the get-go, that everything the authorities tell us is a lie – and that goes for the “mainstream” media as well, which is seen as nothing more than Washington’s sounding board...MORE...LINK

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