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Monday, November 21, 2011

And another good question: why didn't neo-fascists send police to harass, bait, pepper spray, brutalize and jail Tea Party protesters?

The answer is that many of the Tea Partiers have access to guns, Obama would have been accused of neo-communist totalitarianism, and the right is more sympathetic to the Zio-fascism that has Obama and the idiotic and corrupt Democratic Party in a stranglehold due to its own greed, nihilism and stupidity.

So instead of jailing Zio-fascist Wall Street Bankers, Obama's federal agencies coordinate with local police departments to attack, arrest and crackdown upon Occupy protesters for merely exercising their free speech rights.

Remember, bullies are cowards who always pick on those they percieve as weak and unable to fight back. The same goes for fascists, neo-fascists, Zionists, etc., and other brands of totalitarianism. -- C.M.

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