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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The clock is ticking on the selfish, greedy and vain Baby Boomer generation that sold its souls and sold out America

Listen Up, Boomers: The Backlash Has Begun

(The American Interest) -- by Walter Russell Mead --

“Talkin’ about my generation”: the Who song once expressed the hope and self confidence of the Baby Boomers as they reached biological if not emotional maturity. It was an attack on the older generation, a defense of the young, but it includes an ominous refrain: “Hope I die before I get old.” Already, perhaps, the shadow of generational failure hung over the twenty something Boomers. Those shadows have darkened considerably as the Boomer sun moves past the meridian and an unmistakable air of twilight infiltrates into the declining hours of the long Boomer day.

Talking about our generation is not going to be as much fun for the Boomers as it was in those long distant days of infinite promise. My generation has some real accomplishments under its belt, especially in the worlds of science and technology. And we made important progress in making American society a more open place for people and groups who were once excluded. In every field of American life, there are Boomers who have made and are making important, selfless contributions: in hospitals, in classrooms, in government, in business, in the military. You name it and we are there.

But at the level of public policy and moral leadership, as a generation we have largely failed. The Boomer Progressive Establishment in particular has been a huge disappointment to itself and to the country. The political class slumbered as the entitlement and pension crisis grew to ominous dimensions. Boomer financial leadership was selfish and shortsighted, by and large. Boomer CEOs accelerated the trend toward unlimited greed among corporate elites, and Boomer members of corporate boards sit by and let it happen. Boomer academics created a profoundly dysfunctional system that systemically shovels resources upward from students and adjuncts to overpaid administrators and professors who by and large have not, to say the least, done an outstanding job of transmitting the cultural heritage of the past to future generations. Boomer Hollywood execs created an amoral morass of sludge — and maybe I’m missing something, but nobody spends a lot of time talking about the towering cultural accomplishments of the world historical art geniuses of the Boomer years. Boomer greens enthusiastically bet their movement on the truly idiotic drive for a global carbon treaty; they are now grieving over their failure to make any measurable progress after decades spent and hundreds of millions of dollars thrown away. On the Boomer watch the American family and the American middle class entered major crises; by the time the Boomers have finished with it the health system will be an unaffordable and dysfunctional tangle — perhaps the most complicated, expensive and poorly designed such system in the history of the world.

All of this was done by a generation that never lost its confidence that it was smarter, better educated and more idealistic than its Depression-surviving, World War-winning, segregation-ending, prosperity-building parents. We didn’t need their stinking faith, their stinking morals, or their pathetically conformist codes of moral behavior. We were better than that; after all, we grokked Jefferson Airplane, achieved nirvana on LSD and had a spiritual wealth and sensitivity that our boorish bourgeois forbears could not grasp. They might be doers, builders and achievers — but we Boomers grooved, man, we had sex in the park, we grew our hair long, and we listened to sexy musical lyrics about drugs that those pathetic old losers could not even understand.

What the Boomers as a generation missed (there were, of course and thankfully, many honorable individual exceptions) was the core set of values that every generation must discover to make a successful transition to real adulthood: maturity...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

The biggest mistake the Boomers made (and the Silent Generation immediately before them) was allowing the self-serving Judeofascists to infiltrate both the counter-culture and the establishment, and actually helping and promoting them along the way.

The Judeofascists warp and pervert everything they touch, and distort any kind of good into evil. Indeed, they distorted the entirety of post-WWII America and the Boomer generation itself.

Of course, the Boomers are going to pay for this crime against humanity (i.e. all of the Israel-first and neo-fascist Mideast wars), against Christianity, and against Western civilization, as the older and frailer they get, and the scarcer and scarcer resources get as a consequence of their devastating greed and moral corruption, the more resources will have to be confiscated or funneled away from them in order to ensure the future of the younger generations.

And where will all those Jewish predators they loved so much, and to whom they transferred so much moral authority and power be when the Boomers hit their staring-into-the-abyss moment?

Living luxuriously in Israel, or some overseas tropical paradise with all the stolen loot from plundered America.

There's a simple and eternal lesson there: Get in bed with the devil, you get burned.


I had an interaction with one critic who essentially said every generation sells out as it moves into the establishment or into an environment of more conservative domesticity, out of economic and familial imperative.

In all honestly, I agree that generational warfare isn't the way to go, but the fear of God needs to be put into these Boomers to shake them from their childish delusions that America is simply going through a temporary economic hiccup.

The Boomer rebellion back in the 60's and 70's could all be papered over and bought off with money-printing. America today is facing bankruptcy and a hollowed out economy, so the establishment can't get away with that anymore. Today, economics and material need are going to force Americans to throw the liberal fascists, neocons and Zionist thieves, plunderers and troublemakers overboard, right along with their expensive neo-fascist, Israel-first agenda.

The quicker that's done, the better the chances the country can be saved. If it's delayed much longer, we're facing totalitarianism and the crumbling of the U.S. in the same way the Soviet Union crumbled.

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