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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Five small reasons Ron Paul is the U.S. Military's choice for president (and one big one)

5 Reasons Why Ron Paul Is The Military's Choice For President

(The Excavator) -- by Saman Mohammadi --

...Ron Paul has gotten more donations from the military than President Obama and every Republican candidate. They don't even come close to him. Dr. Paul is the Usain Bolt of military donations. Between April and June he received over $35000 dollars from the military. Mitt Romney and Herman Cain barely got $5000 dollars each. And Perry didn't even register on the scoreboard.

Below I have listed five reasons why Dr. Paul is the clear choice for President in the military's eyes.

1. Ron Paul is the candidate of peace...

2. Ron Paul is part of the military family...

3. Ron Paul is the candidate of national security and national defense...

4. Ron Paul is a true moral and fiscal conservative...

5. Ron Paul supports the rights of Vietnam Prisoners of War and military veterans of all wars...MORE...LINK

Editor: And the biggest one of all?

6. Ron Paul won't let treasonous Israel-firsters send American soldiers to die on foreign soil fighting wars for Zionist and neo-fascist, Globalist interests:

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