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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are Feds coordinating local government violent crackdowns on Occupy protesters?

Oakland Mayor admits 18 cities coordinated crackdown on Occupations

( -- by Madison Ruppert --

People, especially in the establishment media, tend to shy away from using the word “conspiracy” as it has become a bit of a dirty word associated with tin foil hats and less-than-sane individuals.

However, this is a time when the word conspiracy must be applied, given that leaders from 18 cities across the United States had a conference call immediately before the nationwide raids on Occupy Wall Street encampments occurred.

These leaders clearly conspired to create a coordinated assault on Occupations across the nation and surprisingly Oakland Mayor Jean Quan seems to have admitted such outright.

During an interview with the BBC which was aired in part on The Takeaway with John Hockenberry and Celeste Headlee, Quan admitted that she was in a conference call with leaders of 18 cities across the county.

You can hear the excerpt here starting at around 5:30.

“I was recently on a conference call with 18 cities across the country who had the same situation,” Quan said in the interview...

Apparently Quan doesn’t realize that the Occupiers are citizens and members of the public and thus the police action is infringing on the public’s right to use the park.

Based on Quan’s statement regarding the conference call, I do not think it is out of the realm of possibility that indeed 18 cities conspired to coordinate crackdowns in an attempt to discourage the movement.

The close temporal relationship between many of the crackdowns nationwide has been similarly questionable, especially the nature of the raids which occur late at night or early in the morning with little to no warning and with brutal police action.

It is also interesting to note that there has seemingly been an attempt to prevent coverage of the raids, especially in Zucotti Park where they corralled journalists in order to keep them from entering the park and properly covering the raid.

One blog also questioned the strangely coincidental timing of the raids given Obama’s lengthy trip to the Pacific Rim which began just days before the nationwide assault.

A commenter said, “It had that “while the cat’s away” flavor to it,” which I think is a bit misleading, as it gives the impression that Obama wouldn’t stand behind the crackdowns.

Even if Obama pretended to care about the police raids, he would do absolutely nothing about it as his entire political career has been carried out on the backs of the same people the Occupy movement is fighting against.

A point that must be highlighted is that Obama – who pretends, laughably I might add, to be a man of the people – actually receives more in Wall Street funds than even the outright corporate shills of the Republican party.

This is a perfect example of how the supposed two party system is nothing more than a sham meant to divide and conquer the public while misleading them as to who really runs the country.

In reality, we live in a country where the two parties serve the same masters with the same goals in mind: robbing the American people while waging wars for profit, abusing human rights around the world, keeping total control over the populous and controlling the political system for the benefit of corporations and the financial industry.

In order for the Occupy Wall Street movement to make a big impact, we need to spread this truth far and wide and stop buying into the entire false dichotomy that we are enslaved by.

If you’re a conservative, a real conservative that is, you should be able to see right through the GOP’s ludicrous platform and their attempts at painting themselves as conservatives.

If you’re a liberal, a real liberal that is, you should also be able to see past the buffer of liberalism presented by the Democrats that only serves to hide their true agenda which is inseparable from the Republican’s...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

There is no longer any question that both "opposition" parties are on the same Big Government, State Capitalist, Federal Reserve/Wall Street lackey, neo-fascist team.

For all of those lefties who don't think there's any such thing as liberal fascism, why is Obama's federal government coordinating these violent crackdowns?

And all those righties who think the neocons and establishment GOP are conservatives and not fascists, why are they all in bed with the State Capitalist, Big Government Fed, and engaged in wars for profit?

Any Tea Partiers dumb enough to believe they're not next if they exercise their free speech rights a bit more aggressively are delusional.

The only reason they're cracking liberal skull in the cities is because they know these lefties aren't armed. But ultimately, even an armed citizenry is no match for the federal government.

Ron Paul is the only answer as an initial step in ending this neo-fascism and creeping totalitarianism.

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