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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Greedy right "protecting American interests" joins scheming left in subordinating American sovereignty and liberty to globalist agenda

Introduction by Chris Moore

The following take on a pro-sovereignty book by John Fonte reviewed by the conservative New American doesn't come right out and declare it, but based on who has historically pushed for so many of these anti-sovereignty initiatives from the right, its clear that proxies of multinational corporations, under the auspices of "protecting American interests," are joining leftists in trying to put an end to American sovereignty.

These two unpatriotic groups actually have a long anti-sovereignty history of working together. For example, the New American reported on a scandal back in June that I headlined here on "Wikileaks uncovers ongoing plot hatched in Bush II era to "integrate" U.S., Mexico, Canada, overthrow respective Constitutions."

At the root of all of this, of course, is the insatiable greed of our Zionist-infected globalist establishment.

The left needs a massive, open borders, "integrated" market to grow the population and tax revenue pool ever and ever larger in order to finance the ever growing costs of the Big Government pyramid scheme in which it is engaged, and the right seeks to grow markets ever larger to maximize corporate revenue.

As the article below hints, the same game is going on by the corrupt left-right establishment on a global scale, as well, only instead of a massive, sovereignty-destroying trade block, the Western left-right axis of evil seeks to impose a regiment of global laws that it thinks it will govern, hence subordinating the rising Chinese, Indians, Russians, etc. to its own interests and self-serving financial agenda.

This is probably the fatal flaw of these corrupt, left-right, Western Zionist-globalist elites: they imagine that not only are average Westerners dupes, buffoons, simpletons, sheep, lackeys and hicks who can't figure out what's in their own best long-term interests, but they fantasize that the rest of the world can be easily hoodwinked into handing away its sovereignty and subjugating its best economic interests to these craven con artists and their pathetic pyramid schemes, as well.

The self-absorbed arrogance, chutzpah and delusions of grandeur of these people is truly epic.

In fact, they've literally become so insanely delusional that they are a danger to humanity itself, as we've seen time and again the kind of temper tantrums they are capable of throwing in order to implement their satanic schemes, with the various and sunder invasions, bombings, attacks, embargoes and regime changes in the Middle East, all based on lies, false flag attacks, and elite-created straw man villains.

It's way past time to put these sociopathic left-right elites and their Zionist-globalist agenda out of their misery, and restore American sovereignty and liberty once and for all. These people are so incompetent and insane, anything less will more than likely land us all in World War III. -- C.M.


New Book Asks: Sovereignty or Submission?

(The New American) -- by Joe Wolverton, II --

In his new book, Sovereignty or Submission, John Fonte identifies globalism as the latest evolutionary iteration of the “multiculturalism-diversity” that once infatuated the American elites.

Just as they once promoted ethnic-racial-gender group consciousness as the antidote for all the ills associated with following the path of freedom and individual rights as set out by our Founding Fathers, the elites now proffer transnationalism and “global citizenship” as the newest cure-all.

Fonte rightly recognizes both movements as antithetical to the core American concepts of republicanism and individual liberty.

By 2009, Fonte writes, the world’s leading political actors were pounding a constant drumbeat of “global problems require global solutions.” Today, there are forces within and without the government of the United States that willingly dance to the globalist tune and genuinely believe that there is greater good in the enforcement of global laws and the establishment of a single world government than in the fostering of the timeless principles of freedom incorporated in the U.S. Constitution.

John Fonte is a senior fellow and director of the Center for American Common Culture at Hudson Institute. The center provides analysis and policy advice on civic education, citizenship, and issues concerning the interplay of national identity, the assimilation of immigrants, and global organizations...

One of the most prominent of the globalist organizations opposing the perpetuation of America’s constitutional freedom is the United Nations. While there is little room to argue the damage done by the UN to the continued self-determination of the United States, Fonte asserts that the real threat comes not from the UN itself, but from those within the United States who doggedly demand adherence to its resolutions, regardless of constitutional mandates to the contrary.

Fonte explained his point in an interview:
It is important to emphasize that the main threat to American sovereignty comes, not from the UN or other international institutions, but from American globalists themselves. The UN and international law per se, can not force us to do anything, but many, among our elites, are promoting American subordination to global authority.

I’ll give you a few examples. Leading American "human rights" groups including Human Rights Watch, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Arab-American Institute, La Raza, Mexican American Legal and Education Foundation (MALDEF) and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights have called for the United States to accept all UN human rights treaties without any reservations (including First Amendment, Second Amendment and Tenth Amendment, i.e., federalism, restrictions on international law). This would effectively subordinate the American constitution to UN-made "global rules." The "global rules" these American human rights groups demand include: racial and gender preference quotas in all aspects of public and private life; official multilingualism; the ending of any serious border enforcement; the abolition of capital punishment; the payment of U.S. reparations for slavery; and much more.
Despite a similarity in the ultimate aims of those groups, Fonte argues that globalism is not a monolithic movement. Within the greater globalist universe there are two poles of groups around which adherents orbit:
The first are the ideological leftists ... whose argument is simply that the broad leftist agenda represents real substantive rights (equality of result), as opposed to the individual rights of a capitalist democracy.

The second group of American globalists are often foreign policy specialists who believe that America is in decline. This group of globalists argue in Orwellian fashion that the United States should exercise “leadership” and “engagement” by promoting a new global governance system over national sovereignty. They maintain, unrealistically, that if Americans agree to limit their own sovereignty and submit to global rules, the Chinese will be persuaded to do the same, thus "protecting American interests" in the future as China becomes stronger. This reveals the global governance project to be both naïve and dangerously suicidal, placing American security in the hands of an untested and unaccountable global system.
In so many ways, it seems that the obliteration of the 10th Amendment specifically and federalism in general is one of the most potent arms in the globalist arsenal. By subordinating the states to the power on the Potomac, globalists rightly reason that the international laws, statutes, standards, and practices that they earnestly espouse could erode more quickly the bedrock principles of liberty upon which the states individually are built. That is to say, one ostensibly republican government is more easily conquered than 50 sovereign states.

There is another favorite tactic employed by the globalist strategists: placing legislative power in the hands of international bodies who are unelected by the American people and unaccountable to them. International courts, multinational armed forces, and global parliaments will, if the globalist agenda is accomplished, supplant the corresponding institutions established by the federal or state constitutions...MORE...LINK

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