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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wikileaks uncovers ongoing plot hatched in Bush II era to "integrate" U.S., Mexico, Canada, overthrow respective Constitutions

WikiLeaks Confirms North American Integration Scheme

(The New American) -- by Alex Newman --

A secret U.S. embassy cable from 2005 released on April 28 by the anti-secrecy group Wiki-Leaks confirms what The New American magazine and others have been reporting for years: North American governments are indeed plotting to “integrate” the continent. And not even including implementing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), they’ve been working on it for at least six years, probably more.

So far, however, the bombshell has barely attracted any attention in the United States, Canada, or Mexico beyond a few mentions in some liberty-minded Internet forums and a TNA online article posted on May 2. But among patriots who have been opposing the integration efforts only to be dismissed as “conspiracy theorists,” the leaked cable provides more concrete proof that the plan is real, dangerous, and more than a recent or transient phenomenon.

The official document, signed by then-American Ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci, outlines the best ways to peddle the scheme to policymakers and the public. Most alarming to critics, it also discusses ways of getting around national constitutions and even the possibility of an eventual “monetary union.” Numerous other topics are broached in the leaked document, too: borders, labor, regulations, and more. But how to push the integration agenda is featured particularly prominently.

“Integrating” the United States, Canada, and Mexico
Integration is a little-used term employed mainly by policy wonks. But while it may sound relatively harmless, it generally describes a very serious phenomenon when used in a geopolitical context — the gradual merging of separate countries under a regional authority. Similar processes are already well under way in Europe, Africa, and South America. And according to critics, the results — essentially abolishing national sovereignty in favor of supranational, unaccountable governance — have been an unmitigated disaster.

“The European Union has effectively destroyed the independence of its 27 member nations. The plan to create what critics have dubbed a North American Union (NAU) is a huge step toward accomplishing for our nation and its neighbors what the EU has done in Europe,” said John F. McManus, president of The John Birch Society, which has been at the forefront of sounding the alarm about the integration plan. “If successful, the promoters of the NAU will cancel the U.S. Declaration of Independence and bore a huge hole in the U.S. Constitution. This must not be permitted.”...

How integration backers should peddle the scheme is seemingly one of the primary purposes of the document. The cable touts, for example, the supposed benefits of merging the three countries — intended to be essentially “talking points” to sell the plan. It even mentions which elements of the plan to “stress” in future “efforts to promote further integration.”

“Our research leads us to conclude that such a package should tackle both ‘security’ and ‘prosperity’ goals,” the document claims, using the two key words that have been emphasized at every step along the way. “This fits the recommendations of Canadian economists who have assessed the options for continental integration.”

Toward the end, the cable offers more advice on how to advance the integration agenda by tailoring the narrative. “When advocating [the North American Initiative to integrate the three countries], it would be better to highlight specific gains to individual firms, industries or travelers, and especially consumers,” the cable states, noting that it’s harder to “estimate the benefits” on a national or continental scale.

Unsubstantiated Claims
In a section of the document headlined “North American Integration: What We Know,” the cable offers nothing but praise for the merging of the continent’s once-sovereign nations. “Past integration (not just NAFTA but also many bilateral and unilateral steps) has increased trade, economic growth, and productivity,” it claims. But countless economists disagree. Acclaimed free-market economist Murray Rothbard, for example, blasted NAFTA. “It’s worse than open socialism; for it’s internationalist socialism camouflaged in the fair clothing of freedom and free markets,” he wrote, calling the agreement “government-directed, government-negotiated trade, which is mercantilism, not free trade.” And of course, true free-trade advocates also correctly point out that the thousands of pages of regulations making up the agreements should hardly be considered examples of genuine free trade...

Commenting on the new WikiLeaks revelations, William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC), said the planned merger was one of the motives for failing to secure the southern U.S. border. “This is why these elite banking, business, and political influences are flooding America with rampant illegal immigration and hyper legal immigration,” he explained. “They are conquering the freedom-loving innocent citizens of America by bringing in outsiders who will replace us incrementally in our jobs and homes.”

Next, the cable released by Wiki-Leaks highlights another startling proposition about how to achieve an end-run around the Canadian Constitution. “Inter-provincial differences [in regulation] are important here, since Canada’s federal government does not have the benefit of a U.S.-style ‘interstate commerce’ clause,” the document states. “While much of the problem is domestic in nature, an international initiative could help to catalyze change.” Yes, the U.S. embassy refers to the wildly abused and misapplied “commerce clause” as a “benefit” that Canada lacks. And it actually suggests — hiding behind unnamed “economists” — that the constitutional “problem” could be minimized by foisting an “international initiative” on the Canadian people.

Finally, the document summarizes the “consensus” on the subject of a currency union. It says the supposed economists were “split” on the issues of returning to fixed exchange rates or even abolishing Canada’s fiat dollar and replacing it with America’s Federal Reserve fiat currency. The cable gives the final word on the topic of a currency union to the Canadian central bank boss. He is quoted as saying that “monetary union is an issue that should be considered once we have made more progress towards establishing a single market.”...MORE...LINK

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DJF said...

"""Most alarming to critics, it also discusses ways of getting around national constitutions""'

This is the major purposes of these kind of international deals. Individual countries get out voted and so their own laws are overturned. Piece by piece the sovereignty and independence of the country is whittled away. The corrupt leadership of the country can pretend to protect the independence but then claim that they were overruled by the international organization that they themselves had signed into

With NAFTA the US can get outvoted 2 to 1, in the WTO its 152 to 1, in the UN its 191 to 1. The worse being NAFTA and WTO since by using obscure trade rules it can control major aspects of the countries economy often with little notice by the press or public.