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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The mask is off: Obama admin betrays itself and Dems as nothing more than pampered, glutinous limousine liberals...literally

Report: Obama Boosts Number of Limos for Liberal Appointees

(The New American) -- by R. Cort Kirkwood --

One reason the U.S. Government debt has rocketed into the fiscal stratosphere, the Center for Public Integrity reports, is that the Obama administration has increased the government's fleet of limousines by 73 percent. It's a small reason, admittedly. But it's a reason nonetheless.

The Obama regime has added 174 limousines in which federal functionaries can ride in style. That increases the number from 238, during the profligate years of Bush the Spender, to 412 today.

The data come from the General Services Administration.

Mo' Better Cars

CPI's report titled "Limousine liberals? Number of government-owned limos has soared under Obama," published at, the group's investigative publication, shows just how much this administration's liberals love a good ride...

And what do the department's "protectees" ride in? In a $60,000 Cadillac DTS, which is the base price that does not include the cost of outfitting the limo with armor-plate.

Who Knows How Many Limos the Government Really Has? Not GSA

Yet an even more staggering figure from GSA is how much gas this green administration burns, apropos of its ban on drilling for new oil resources off the shores of the United States, instead subsidizing oil profits for Brazil's Petrobras. All totaled, the government "burned through 963,000 gallons of fuel a day with its fleet of 600,00 vehicles." And Uncle Sam "spent $1.9 billion on new vehicles in fiscal 2009," the website reports.

Topping all this off, GSA isn't sure how many limos the government owns...MORE...LINK

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