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Monday, June 27, 2011

Who lost California to Mexico? (The Parasite Class that is destroying the rest of the country, too)

Say Goodbye to Los Angeles

(The American Conservative) -- by Patrick J. Buchanan --

..."Soccer is often more deeply felt than religion,” says Franklin Foer, author of “How Soccer Explains the World.” “I don’t see tribalism ever really disappearing. … People are almost hardwired to identify as groups. And … group identity always runs the risk of being chauvinistic.”

Which brings us to Saturday’s match in the fabled Rose Bowl, with 93,000 in attendance, between the United States and Mexico.

According to Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times, when the U.S. team took the field it was “smothered in boos. … Its goalkeeper was bathed in a chanted obscenity. Even its national anthem was filled with the blowing of air horns and bouncing of beach balls.”

How did U.S. coach Bob Bradley respond to the reception his team received in America’s largest county? “Obviously … the support that Mexico has on a night like this makes it a home game for them.”

“A home game” for Mexico — in Pasadena?

“It’s part of something we had to deal with,” said the coach.

“I have never heard more consistent loud cheering for one team here,” wrote Plaschke, “from the air horns to the ‘Ole’ chant with each Mexico pass, all set to the soundtrack of low throbbing that began in the parking lot six hours before the game and continued long into the night.”

After the 4-2 win by Mexico, for the first time, the trophy award ceremony was held in the Rose Bowl. When the losing U.S. team was introduced, the stadium rocked again with boos.

“We’re not booing the country. We’re booing the team,” one rooter for Mexico told Plaschke. “There’s a big difference.”

But why would scores of thousands boo a defeated team after a game?

Why would spectators raise a ruckus during a national anthem, except to manifest contempt for the country whose anthem it was?

U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard credited several Mexican players with the win, but he was disgusted at how the officials conducted the ceremony awarding the Gold Cup title to Mexico.

They “should be ashamed of themselves,” said Howard. “It was a disgrace that the entire post-match ceremony was in Spanish. You can bet your (expletive) that if we were in Mexico City, it wouldn’t be all in English.”

Indeed, were U.S. fans in a Mexican town to boo, jeer and chant obscenities at a Mexican team before, during and after a match, and blow horns during the Mexican national anthem, they would be lucky to get out of the stadium alive.

What does this event, in which Plaschke estimates 80,000 fans in the Rose Bowl could not control their contempt for the U.S. team and for the U.S. national anthem, tell us?

We have within our country 12-20 million illegal aliens, with Mexico the primary source, and millions of others who may be U.S. citizens but are not truly Americans. As one fan told Plaschke, “I was born in Mexico, and that is where my heart will always be.”

Perhaps he should go back there, and let someone take his place who wants to become an American.

By 2050, according to Census figures, thanks to illegals crossing over and legalized mass immigration, the number of Hispanics in the U.S.A. will rise from today’s 50 million to 135 million.

Say goodbye to Los Angeles. Say goodbye to California...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

We can thank the Parasite Class for this, which is comprised of, on the Right, open borders corporatists and money worshippers who want to expand the size of the American consumer market to its maximum income potential and "integrate" the U.S. with Mexico, and on the Left, open borders liberals connected to statist-profiteering rackets who seek to exploit these Hispanic masses for votes and then take big chunks of the spoils they vote themselves in form of government dole outs in exchange for“administration.”

In both cases, the Parasite Class couldn’t care less about the country and its long term prospects, and is simply concerned with self-enrichment, with plans either to insulate itself in well-policed gated communities or fly coop altogether and live in luxury somewhere overseas (not that their dollars will be worth much once Weimar-style inflation sets in here).

You know, maybe the Jacobins were on to something, at least in terms of what the Ancien Régime (pre-revolutionary France's equivalent to our Parasite Class) deserved: the guillotine.


Hispanics and Mestizos are such a mix of Spanish and Indian heritage (with Indians themselves being descendants of those having immigrated over the Bering Strait land bridge thousands of years ago) that any question of Latinos/Hispanics being indigenous is irrelevant.

The question is: what sort of political system do these people who have flooded over the borders want to live under? If they want to live under a corrupt, Mexican/S. American style narco-terrorist system of government that is falling apart at the seams, in which kidnapping and murder are rampant, and that is increasingly run by drug gangs, all they need do is make a u-turn and head back south.

And if that’s how the Whites profiteering from the open borders agenda want to live, they can join them down there.


Pat Buchanan has been accused of "nativism" and hypocrisy by some because he himself is an Irish Catholic, who themselves were once targeted for being different.

But the Irish Catholics didn't set up a subversive "Ireland-first" extortion racket the way La Raza has set up a Mexican spearhead "Aztlan" extortion racket to keep the money flowing from north to south, or the way the Zionists have set up an Israel-first extortion racket.

Additionally, the Irish Catholics assimilated into proper English, and become patriotic Americans, whereas the Mexico-firsters have done neither, and the Israel firsters haven't done the latter.

America needs to domestically pursue a muscular, America-first nationalism, (what Israel-firsters and Aztlan Mexico-firsters sneer at as “nativism,”) in order to ensure her freedoms, liberty, prosperity, and very survival against the predations and designs of these dangerous subversives, who all walk a fine line with treason.


No need for a “police state” and no need to “persecute Mexicans.” All that need be done is follow the Constitution and apply the rule of law. Our current de facto open borders and de facto mass amnesty are both illegal.

BTW, it’s important for patriotic Americans to understand that corporatists are working hand-in-glove with statist-liberals and leftists to engineer all of the above, each for their own anti-Constitutional, self-serving reasons, with ambition, greed and psychotic power grabs at the base of both.

Please see:

Wikileaks uncovers ongoing plot hatched in Bush II era to "integrate" U.S., Mexico, Canada, overthrow respective Constitutions


At this point in time, huge waves of Hispanic immigrants simply won’t pursue the ethic of freedom, liberty, self-responsibility, and libertarian government enshrined by the Founders and pursued by European Americans that made the U.S. the envy of the world in terms of economics, standard of living, human rights, and upward mobility.

Yes, this is partially because recent, intellectually lazy, corrupted, or outright defective generations of Whites lost cognizance of the fact that it was the Founders’ values that were the source of our political fortune and prosperity, but digging ourselves deeper and deeper with ever more waves of those who need to liberate their own countries (and themselves) from stagnancy, corruption and tribalism only ads insult to injury, because once here, they simply vote themselves spoils, and for politicians they think will deliver.

The fact that we haven’t had a decent, competent or even genuinely patriotic president in the vein of the Founders since Reagan just goes to show how much this country has to re-learn before it is capable of educating anybody else in the virtues of liberty, freedom and self-governance.

And anyone who thinks the self-serving greed and dialectical materialism pursued by both the establishment Right and Left of the current neocon-neolib “elite” is capable of instilling any kind of virtue in even our own citizens (let alone millions of teeming immigrants swamping our shores at once) is either part of the corrupt Left-Right racket, intellectually childlike, or delusional.


Those who care to do a little research can find plenty of first hand accounts of Mexico descending into lawlessness, violence, narco-terrorism and near anarchy just across the border.

Or would all those countless reports be “conspiracy theories” dreamed up by “racists” and “nativists” to make Hispanics look bad?

Time to grow up and face the music: we need to assimilate those who are here, and educate brain dead liberals and neocons on why individualism, self-responsibility and self-accountability are crucial to preserving liberty, and why self-serving tribalism and collectivism are the enemies of freedom.

Everyone has to embrace the American individualist ethic, or no one will, and we can all join fascist race gangs to survive.


The racist, gangster-fascist culture that has afflicted Mexico has been brought into America with the large Hispanic population that is not being assimilated. Here’s an article about a federal racketeering indictment against a racist Latino gang (of the kind facilitated by La Raza — “The Race–) that systematically tried to rid a southern California town of its Blacks.

Latino Gang Tried to Rid Entire California City of Its African-American Residents

Frankly, I’m tired of liberal fascists defending and enabling tribal and racist minority groups who organize into violent, lawless and/or subversive gangs, but I guess liberal fascists and these types of gangs are all small-minded birds of a feather who love to stir racial conflict for their own ends.


La Raza (The Race) is a Hispanic supremacist organization with a reconquista agenda that acts as an apparatus of the Mexican government, similar to how the various components of the Israel lobby act as an apparatus of the Israeli government and Zionist agenda.

Not all Hispanics are racists, just as not all Jews are racists. But those that metaphorically exist with one foot in America and one foot Mexico or Israel, respectively, are foreign interlopers and part and parcel of the agenda of their "homeland" to co-opt American resources, political power and/or territory to serve the interests of their race at the expense of patriotic Americans.

I don't hold myself responsible for racist hate crimes committed by the Klan because I'm not a member or apparatus of the Klan, whereas many Hispanics are members of La Raza and/or act as an apparatus of the Mexican government's reconquista agenda, and indeed rebate many of their American earnings to Mexico, just as many Jewish-Americans are Zionists and thus implicated in the Zionist agenda and crimes.

I agree that our elites don't enforce immigration law, and I believe it is because they are corrupt and have been co-opted by the Globalist agenda, just as they oppose or veto UN human rights resolutions on behalf of Palestinians and send the U.S. Military to fight wars on behalf of Israel because they have been corrupted and co-opted by the Zionist agenda.

I think many of our elites are guilty of treason, I think the Israel lobby is guilty of treason, and I think La Raza is guilty of treason. I don't think ALL elites, ALL Jews or ALL Hispanic Americans are guilty of treason or harboring a racist agenda, although I admit that I find the culture of each of those groups, including that of the money-worshipping modern elites, to be bigoted against outsiders, self-serving and hostile to the general American ethic and the general American public, and exploitive of it.

I mix all these groups together because I recognize that America is slowly being picked apart, plundered and balkanized by all of these self-serving “special interests,” and unless they are dealt with summarily, the country may not last out the century as a consequence -- in which case, we ALL lose.

PS: We'll know these ethnic groups have gone a long way towards assimilating when they quit describing themselves as hyphenated-Americans.


We can quickly clarify who’s an ethno-fascist and who isn’t by whether or not they vote libertarian or support the concept of libertarianism in the vein of the Founders. The bigger government party they vote for, particularly as an ethnic block, the more likely they are to have fascist inclinations that they intend to pursue to eventually institutionally racist and murderous outcomes, starting with “affirmative action” and tightening the noose from there, or, say, wars for Israel and tightening the noose from there.


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Anonymous said...

What is especially reprehensible and spineless about our "leaders" is that they not only give away our country (to a corrupt, lawless, less civilized culture), but they do it in a way that makes the mexicans feel heroic and brave -- they are conquering the United States -- and makes true Americans feel weak and powerless. All part of getting us used to losing sovreignty, I guess.

If we do not elect a true American patriot this next election, there will be no country left to run for in 2016. The muslims, mexicans, communists and africans, all smelling weakness, sre descending upon us just like in the 1973 preiscient novel, The Camp of the Saints.

God help us and God damn the Bushes, the Clintons, and Obama. And may all those who voted for a traitor because of the color of his skin live to see and regret what he does to this country.