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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Don't mess with Texas? Globalist-agenda sociopaths and their spineless local lackeys teach lesson to Lone Star State: Federal goons have mastery

The Murder of America By The Hijacked Federal Government

(The Excavator) -- by Saman Mohammadi --

Last week, the hijacked federal government treated Texas like Libya and Iraq, and acted in contempt of the people of Texas, the state legislature, and the U.S. constitution. Federal lawmakers used terrorism against Texas -- just as it has against Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya -- to make Texan representatives rethink their anti-TSA bill which classified unpopular and illegal TSA groping techniques as a criminal felony.

The nature of state terrorism is more subtle and deadly than the terrorism practiced by non-state groups. U.S. state terrorists get what they want by blackmailing public representatives, deceiving the public and the press, and threatening lawmakers by resorting to legal and non-legal means. In Texas's case, the Feds threatened to shutdown all air traffic in Texas and turn Texas into a pariah state if TSA agents were not given free reign to belittle the American people and violate their individual rights. Texas was not allowed to succeed in branding the TSA as deviant, abnormal, and alien to American principles.

Independence and resistance are forbidden both inside and outside the empire. Washington's power elite consider state independence a crime, and freedom a nuisance. Domination and control are the key objectives of U.S. state policy, both foreign and domestic. They reach their objectives by lying to the American people, suppressing information, breaking the law, and shutting off debate. But, occasionally, terrorist tactics are used instead of other state methods when there is a pressing situation and tough action is required.

The threat to Texas was given on the grounds that the TSA is a necessary federal body that must be treated with awe and respect for the government to successfully wage its war against terrorism and maintain national security. But Washington's argument is a farce because terrorism is being manufactured out of whole cloth. The federal government itself is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism both within America and throughout the world.

America: Death By Deception

The murder of America by the state terrorists behind the new world order is almost complete. For several decades there has been a python around America, slowly squeezing out the life of its institutions, laws, and people. Once the python has done his job vultures will take over to eat away at what's left of the rotting corpse.

The same government-created process of death and destruction is at work in other Western countries. Our collective destiny is being directed by a pack of traitorous elites who are operating based on the conclusion that the global population is a burden on the Earth's resources and that a new global regime has to be set up covertly to facilitate the death of the masses.

After years of preparation and hard work, the Western ruling elite believe the time is finally right to transition the world to a new age in human civilization. The opinion that they are adults and masters of the human race is so ingrained in their mindset that they believe the people should be kept in the dark for their own good.

I did not always believe that mass global genocide was one of the hidden goals of U.S. state policy. It sounds crazy. But it is true. The controllers of the U.S. empire and the personalities calling for a new world order are authoritarian eugenicists who have a coherent world philosophy and view the people as sheep to be robbed, and slaughtered. I was afraid of being ridiculed for stating my opinion. But you have to be open-minded and follow the facts to their conclusion, even if the conclusion is gut-wrenching.

But we are not doomed. People become the victims of history and the playthings of people in power when they refuse to stand up for what is right and refrain from speaking the truth. Resistance is a matter of conscience and courage...MORE...LINK

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