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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From the U.S. to India, the rise of statist-centered liberal fascism threatens to unleash a political maelstrom like no other

The Hindu Rate of Fascism

(The Chakra) -- by Ranbir Singh --

...Fascism is an amorphous term synonymous with extreme right-wing nationalist. But this again entails more problems than it clarifies. In 1944 Nobel prize winning economist FA Hayek traced the roots of fascism and especially Nazism (which he called by its original German name of “national-socialism”) back to the Left, namely Marxist and other socialist theories. The rise of racist, revanchist and ultra-nationalist groups in former communist Europe since 1989 has to a large extent vindicated this view. Hayek’s posthumous prophecy has been most pronounced in Russia where the worst levels of Nazi skinhead racial violence is only a reflection of the crude nationalism exhibited by former hardcore communists.

To this extent Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism has perhaps been the best updated version of Hayek’s analysis. In this we find that so many movements which begin as revolutionary, statist and especially socialist end up being fascist...

Goldberg also mentions how we have misunderstood totalitarianism. The image of ‘Big Brother’ always looms large in how such a state would look. But it is now clear that far from being a prophet, Orwell merely reflected the nature of his times. Nineteen Eighty-Four was written as Stalinism was a real threat and unlike Orwell other socialists and liberals, the “useful idiots” as Lenin termed such naïve idealists, would not wake up and smell the coffee.

For example Jean-Paul Sartre was so concerned about the reality of life in the USSR demoralising the proletariat in the capitalist countries, he preferred to avert his gaze until the plight of the Vietnamese boat people made it too obvious that communism really was not creating an earthly paradise. No, the prophet of totalitarianism is a title which should be awarded to Aldous Huxley. Brave New World looks benign with its addictive hedonism, notably recreational sex. But look deeper and what we find is a society of unthinking androids, lack of deep thinking, and no emotional ties of family and friends. Nobody is mourned when they die because nobody misses them. While Orwell was concerned that in his nightmare books would be banned, in Huxley’s teddy-bear vision there is no need to ban books because nobody reads them. How far does Huxley’s vision reflect modern India ? Marxist domination of academia has killed off creative thinking.

This is most obvious in the humanities where Stalinist professors create unthinking clones of themselves and then like the pigs in Animal Farm jump at the first opportunity to gain lucrative relationships with the ‘other side’, in this case the very imperialist capitalist west which they so often denounce, and get plum appointments at institutions where they can find yet more unsuspecting victims to harangue with their unlettered monologue...

Look at the majority of bollywood movies or television channels and it is the same repetitive and unimaginative mix of mind destroying hedonism usually involving scantily clad half attempts of burlesque combined with even more laughable attempts to mime cheesy tunes, taken from the latest issue of cellular vomit. Without the liberal and civic values which in western countries have counterbalanced predatory consumerism, India is subjected to a fast paced fantasy world which appeals to the rawest and most destructive forms of sensuality.

This is not inspiration but destructive escapism as India’s elite and those aspiring to join it live in a ‘brave new world’ aloof from the masses, the ‘savages’ from Huxley’s novel. As social structures loosen the former strictures of caste in its place we find not an egalitarian society, but millions of atomised individuals with nothing to buffer between them and the state. In such a potent mix dangerously romantic and organic ideas will create new bonds much tighter than the social structure which is being discarded. In a civilisation that inspired Huxley and others with its deep spirituality, a crude and uncompromising form of hedonism has become the standard reference point.

Nature abhors a vacuum and out of the atomised flotsam and bohemian chattering classes a menacing alternative awaits to take its place. In this atmosphere there is no place for the individual, for creativity, for deep thinking and for the solitude which was necessary for India to produce such great minds as in the past. Only mindless androids, human sheep and faceless characters can hope to succeed in such an environment. This is fascism Indian style and it is the diametric opposite to the values which are found in Hindu Dharma...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

In the U.S., the liberal fascists, neoliberals and neocons thought they were being so clever with their open borders and their aiding, abetting and facilitating of subversive tribal-fascist groups like the Zionists, La Raza, and the Bloods and Crips to sow revolution and displace the formerly Christian and libertarian order.

That order was mapped out in the U.S. Constitution and implemented by the Founders, and was more or less successful for nearly two centuries, but has trembled, sagged and weakened the deeper that organized Zionist Jewry has gotten its hooks into the Establishment.

But what's gone wrong for the liberal fascists is that these anarchists and tribal fascists they've cultivated and been using to wage war against the foundations of America have run amok. Obama and the Democrats have completely lost control of the Zionists and the Israel lobby; La Raza is slowly bringing the kind of anarchy and lawlessness that afflicts Mexico to California and the American Southwest; and Black gang-bangers are running out of control. (For example, Zionist Rahm Emanuel, one of the planned Jewish Commissars of the brave new liberal fascist order, lost control of the Chicago beaches to Black and Hispanic gangs so quickly at the outset of his mayorship that he had to close the beaches to everyone).

Also unplanned by the liberal fascists is the reality that the post-Christian White population, which is completely breaking down into empty materialism, consumerism, hedonism, and nihilism, is collapsing so quickly that White society won't be able to be yoked and milked for everything it's worth to keep the liberal fascist parasites and their various gangster disciples living high on the hog as planned. When the younger of these Whites finally sober up and are faced with reality, they're no doubt going to turn on their liberal fascist masters with a demonic vengeance that will rattle them to their filthy core, and possibly into the grave.

In short, the brave new world imagined by the liberal fascists is quickly turning into a national nightmare.

At this point, the only two things patriotic America has going for it is the rise of Ron Paul and his increasingly America-first-nationalistic libertarianism, and the fact that the U.S. Military is sworn to "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

What that last bit means is that these liberal fascists and neocons at war with the U.S. Constitution and its libertarian nationalist foundations, in addition to the increasing tribal anarchy of their own base, may also soon be facing the guns of the U.S. Military.

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