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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Obama's monstrous, Zionist-inspired, militant liberal internationalism finds propaganda support from leftie intellectual

Apologist for war crimes

( -- by xymphora --

Amazing ass-covering posting by Juan Cole: "Top Ten Mistakes in the Libya War". Read number 2, and weep (my emphasis in red):

"NATO has focused on a ‘shock and awe’ strategy of pounding the capital, Libya, especially targetting the compound of dictator Muammar Qaddafi. Shock and awe does not work, and to the extent that it looks like a targeted assassination, it raised questions in critics’ minds about the purpose of the intervention. If command and control is being hit to protect noncombatants from military operations against them, this should be explained more clearly by NATO generals and specifics given."

Cole is trying to talk his way around the targeted assassination issue - missing the fact that the British Defence Secretary has left no question that the mass bombing of civilian neighborhoods in Tripoli is indeed intended to assassinate Gadaffi - by questioning the optics of mass 'shock and awe' bombing of civilians, as if such bombing wasn't completely illegal in and of itself. Cole is a moral monster. Advocating war crimes is itself a war crime.

I guess Gadaffi is hiding his command and control in apartment buildings: "NATO blamed in Libya bombing". Love the headline and the first paragraph (my emphasis in red):

"An apartment building in the middle of a densely populated Tripoli neighborhood was obliterated early Sunday, and officials blamed the explosion on a bombing raid by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization."
I guess we're supposed to think that the building fell down just before the bombs hit.

Contrary to the nonsense in Cole's last paragraph, the intent of this attack from the beginning was to lead to a Yinon-style break-up of Libya into two parts, each less threatening to Zionist goals (although I think the Zionist plan with respect to Syria is to leave one country, permanently weakened by internal conflicts). The people in each half will be reduced to a more African-style standard of living.

I really think Yale should reconsider its decision. Cole is obviously a true champion of Zionism, and will fit in nicely...LINK
Is Obama and left-liberalism owned by wealthy, Democratic Party Zionist Jewry?

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